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We don't just feed you with every heat gun on the market; our job is to help you save time and energy on project.

The heart of every project lies in the quality of the finish.

​You will definitely agree with the statement.

Back in 2013 my client called me for A project. It involved stripping paint and bending of PVC pipes. Well, if you asked me. It is a simple thing, that you wouldn't need a woodworker for that. But here is what shocked him: I was using solvent paint to remove some of the paint in his house. Surprisingly, enough he laughed at me. That is when he asked this question:

Haven't you heard of the heat gun?

It was embarrassing for me, but I became curious: How many other people like me are in the dark about heat gun?

How the heat gun review was born?

Well, I knew that there were other DIY person that don’t much about heat gun. To satisfy my curiosity...I did research on the data and here is what I found. 52% of the DIY persons are in the age 24 to 44 years old. That means, they come from a mixed generation and some of them like don't have a clue about heat guns.

This one is lovely:

86% of the DIY person wants inspirational kick-butt content that shows them how their projects do. With that statistics in mind, I decided to start a best heat gun review site.

Heat Gun Review Site Today

My job for this site is not to feed you with every model of heat gun in the market. Other review sites can do that. But this a community of DIY persons that want nothing but the best way to get their job done with a heat gun. Even if you are in the dark about heat gun, I will tell you where to start. Here are some of the things you will be thrilled to learn about this site.

Best Heat Gun Reviews

I did interview experts about the best heat guns they use to do most of their work. Well, I did receive a mixture of reactions about different models. Some experts favored different models and other disliked other models. But to bring you unbiased review, we included 5 distinct sections, because it is what every customer wants to know:

  • Product descriptions.
  • Features
  • What I like
  • Cons
  • Questions and Answers

And so you know, not every heat gun will be perfect to accomplish your need that is why I included the questions and answers part.

Information and news​

I cover this part too, with a sole purpose of passing you knowledge on how you can use heat guns to do a variety of things. There is a lot you can do with this device that many DIY persons don't know about. ​Lots of DIY persons think that it is a specialist tool that only trained professionals can use it. What I learned back then was that all I need is to read the instructional manual, know the safety rule and start my project. It is a no brainer. As part of this site, In the information section we give you lots:

  • Tutorials about heat guns.
  • Buying guides.
  • And lots more to help you be creative and productive in your work station.

What We Don't Do On This Site

We don't get paid to write reviews like other sites. That is not our mission. What we want is to help you get the product. It will really hurt our reputation if we review a heat gun that does nothing but brings disaster to your work. We see that as selfish.

Where You Can Get Us For More Guidance

If you have a burning question about any type of heat gun? Here is the good news: We are 100% ready to answer you within 48 hours. As you have read my earlier statement, what we want you to do is to save time and energy on projects. And am happy to announce to you that we keep that promise. Our contact us page is always open, to welcome your question and suggestion.

" A blog is not built by a single person, a blog is built by enthusiastic raving fans who want to achieve a common cause."

And our common cause is clear to us.

Who Am I?

I am a contractor. I love my job to the moon and back. I like to try new tools that can ease my work and satisfy my clients. I am not a blogger, am a DIY person who wants to help my fellow friends. Great kisses for reading my about to the end.