Best Fuel Filters for 7.3 Powerstroke Reviews 2020

The best fuel filter for 7.3 Power-stroke will depend on the manufacture year of the Ford diesel you own. From one year to the next the design of the Ford engines, and the vehicles they powered, would change slightly. Those changes required the engine components like the fuel filters, air filters, oil filters, to have slight differences in size and shape.

To guide you in choosing the fuel filter you want to use in your vehicle we have chosen 5 superior filters. They are listed below in no specific order. It is highly recommended that you compare sizes with the filter currently on your vehicle, or with the manufacture suggested filter replacement.

Best Fuel Filter for 7.3 Power-Stroke Engines Reviews

1. K&N PF-4000 Fuel Filter

This is a standard pleated filter cartridge replacement. The cap is attached to the filter. Most of you that own 7.3 Power-Stroke engines already know that the fuel filters for these vehicles come with the cap attached. To get the filter cap tightened properly you will either need to own one of the special Ford wrench’s designed for this purpose, (OTC 6760) or you can use a common pair of Channellocks.

This filter cartridge weighs 12.6 ounces and measures 5.1 inches x 5.1 inches x 5.2 inches. It is designed to provide excellent filtration via its low restriction and large capacity design.


The housing for this filter is made of carbon steel and there is a rolled seam on the cartridge that allows the fuel filter to meet the OEM pressure requirements.

The filtration cartridge is made from layers of high flow filter media that will keep any contaminants in the fuel you purchase from entering into your engine. It is designed to be used with any type of oil, including synthetics and blended motor oils.

This filter is designed to allow you to have longer intervals between filter changes. That will save you time, effort, and money.

2. ECOGARD XF59292 Premium Diesel Fuel Filter Fits Ford F-250 Super Duty 7.3L DIESEL

This fuel filter is compatible with the Ford F-s50 series Super Duty trucks manufactured between 1999 and 2003 that are powered by a 7.3 Power Stroke engine. It is also compatible with the following:

  • Ford F-350 Super Duty series powered by the &.3 Power-stroke engine that was manufactured from 199 to 2003
  • Ford Excursion vehicles manufactured from 200 to 2003 that were powered by the 7.3 Power-stroke engine
  • Ford E-350 Super Duty series vehicles that are powered by the 7.3 Powerstroke and manufactured between 199 and 2003
  • Ford E-350 Econoline Club Wagons manufactured between 1998 and 2002
  • Ford E-350 Econoline manufactured between 1998 and 2002
  • Ford E-350 Club Wagon manufactured in 2003

This filter is designed to protect your engine by keeping any contamination particles of dust, debris, or unknown substances from entering your fuel injectors. A clean filter allows your engine to be more efficient, crank faster, accelerate faster, and be more efficient with fuel consumption.

This filter weighs 12.8 ounces and measures 5.1 inches x 5 inches x 4.1 inches. It is the perfect replacement filter for the Fram CS8629A, the Puralator F59292, the WIX 33818, the Motorcraft FD4596 and the OE FD4596.

3. Motorcraft FD-4596 Element

This is an easy to install fuel filter that weighs only 4.8 ounces and measures 5.5 inches x 4.6 inches x 4.5 inches. You need to check the fuel filter you are currently using to determine if the filter has a removable cap or not. This unit does not come with a new cap.

This filter is corrosion resistant and is designed to provide you with 90% efficiency. It is the perfect after-market replacement for your fuel filter on your 7.3 Power Stroke engine.


If your vehicle has a fuel bowl that is positioned on top of the engine beneath a small plastic covering this filter will more than likely fit. It fits perfectly on a Ford F-350 series manufactured in 2002 and the 1999 F-350 XLT. It also fits the:

  • 2001Ford  F-250 series
  • 1995 Ford F-250
  • 2003 Ford F-250 CC 4x4

This filter works perfectly on many of the Ford vehicles that housed a 7.3 Power Stroke engine. The filter is made from the highest grade of materials so it can efficiently trap more debris and keep your engine working better for a longer time.

Always check your vehicle owner’s manual to see what replacement filters were suggested by the manufacturer.

4. Motorcraft FD-4595 Element

This Motorcraft fuel filter element is the internal element and not the entire fuel filter housing assembly. It is an 8 ounce item that measures 5.5 inches x 4.6 inches x 4.5 inches. 

If you have an after-market filter on your engine you will need the original filter cap that came on the vehicle. If you do not have the original filter cap you can get them from the dealer.

This is the perfect replacement filter to use on the Ford F-250 - 3 liter Power-Stroke manufactured in 1995. It comes complete with the necessary gasket to seal the fuel filter and stop any fuel leakage.


Use the filter measurements from your existing filter or from your manufacture suggested filter in your owner’s manual. This will ensure that you are buying the proper filter for your vehicle.

The filter is designed to provide you with the maximum amount of protection from debris, dust particles, and any other contaminant that might enter through your fuel.

The filter is made from the highest grade of materials and crafted to be a precise fit on your vehicle. It is very easy to install, and it provides excellent leakage protection, and keeps your engine performing its best for longer.

5. ECOGARD XF55055 Premium Diesel Fuel Filter Fits Ford F-350 7.3L DIESEL

This filter is perfectly designed to fit the Ford F-350 series of diesel fueled trucks that were manufactured between 1994 and 1997. The filter also works well in the:

  • Ford F-250 series with a 7.3 liter diesel engine that was manufactured between 1994 and 1996
  • Ford F-250 HD series with a 7.3 diesel engine that was manufactured in 1997
  • Ford E-350 Econoline Club Wagon Series manufactured between 1995 and 1998
  • Ford Econoline Super Duty manufactured between 1996 and 1998
  • Ford F59 manufactured between 1994 and 1997
  • Ford F Super Duty manufactured between 1995 and 1997

This filter is excellent at straining out possible contaminants that might be in your fuel. It is also superior at separating water from diesel so the water that might be in the fuel you buy will never contaminate your engine or fuel injectors.

The inlet and outlet connecti8ons on this filter are designed to be easy to install. Your connection will be secure, and you will not have to worry about leakage.

This filter perfectly replaces the:

  • FRAM part number CS7715A
  • Purolator part number F55055
  • WIX part number 33817
  • Motorcraft part number FD4595
  • OE part number FD4595

The filter weighs 12.8 ounces and measures 6.7 inches x 5.2 inches x 5.2 inches.

How to Choose a Fuel Filter for 7.3 Power-Stroke

The fuel filter you choose for your diesel engine is crucial to stopping contaminants from entering your fuel. One of the most serious contaminant is water. You want a diesel fuel filter that can separate water from the fuel because water causes the fuel to lkose its lubricating capacity and allows an increase of friction that can cause overheating. The overheating can lead to irreparable damages. Make sure that the fuel filter you buy has water separator capabilities.

Choose by type

Fuel filters come in different types that have different housings.  

A primary fuel filter is the most frequently used filter in a diesel engine. These filters are placed on the vacuum side of your fuel pump so it protects the fuel pump as well as your engine.

These filters are the first defense and they trap the larger particles of debris that might be in your fuel.

Secondary filter

The secondary filter is designed to trap the smaller particles that the primary filter does not capture. These are not water filtration or water separators. They filter out particles that are smaller than 10 microns.

Canister Fuel filters

The canister filters have a housing that is made of either plastic or metal. Inside the housing is the filter element that actually traps the debris.

Cartridge Fuel​ Filter

These are environmentally friendly because the outer shell stays in place and only the interior filter element is changed. 

Your manufacture chose the type of fuel filter to install on your vehicle. Do not change the type of fuel filter if the manufacture says that it will void your vehicle warranty. Always check your warranty to make sure that the filters you are choosing are accepted and can be used without voiding the warranty.

Filter Media 

The filter that you have purchased will have pleated filter media inside the housing. The pleating will capture the dirt and debris. This media can be made from different substances.


Cellulose is actually formulated from paper that is made from a plant based fiber and then bound together with a resin. It has large pores and is not designed to capture small or fine particles. Cellulose makes an excellent media for primary fuel filters.


Microglass is a synthetic media with small spores that allow it to capture finer particles. A microglass filter media is great for a secondary filter. The microglass filter will not have a life expectancy that is as long as the life expectancy of cellulose media filters.

Final Thoughts

The fuel filter in your vehicle is a primary protection for your engine. It helps keep the dirt and gunk that can be found in fuel from finding its way into the delicate parts of your engine. A fuel filter should be changed regularly, especially if you notice: the vehicle running rough when it is idling, having trouble accelerating, the vehicle is harder to start, the vehicle is smoking a lot, the vehicle is sluggish.

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