Best Exhaust System for Toyota Tacoma – Reviews 2020

The best exhaust system for Toyota Tacoma trucks is one that meets all of the emission requirements while it provides the owner with the things they want from an exhaust system. When we looked into the exhausts that fit these trucks we found several, and using the following facts we know about the systems we tested each one for performance, looks, and sound.

The internal combustion engine produces exhaust. The exhaust system on your vehicle is in place to reduce the amount of harmful gases the vehicle emits. 

Exhaust systems can also add to the appearance of the vehicle, and increase things like gas mileage, performance, and sound.

Our Top 5 Picks Exhaust System Reviews

1. Flowmaster 817614 American Thunder 409S Stainless Steel Dual side Exhaust System

This stainless steel exhaust system not only looks amazing, it sounds amazing too. The sound is deep and resonating, but it is not so loud that your neighbors are going to be awakened every time you come home late.

This system can also help to improve the gas mileage you get from each tank of fuel. By adding a cold air intake when you install this exhaust you can expect to get 25 to fifty more miles from each tank of fuel. That is an amazing cost savings.


This exhaust fits the majority of Toyota Tacoma series trucks. To make sure that you get the fit you need, and have the security you need, the manufacture has included an extra bracket that you can bolt on to your truck frame.

The installation process, including the removal of the old system, should not take more than a couple of hours. You do need to look at your vehicle warranty and make certain that switching to this exhaust system will in no way void your vehicle warranty. If the warranty is not explicit you can talk to your dealer and find out if this Flowmaster system is accepted under your warranty.

2. MagnaFlow Performance Exhaust 19291

This amazing exhaust system is made in the USA. It is precisely calibrated to have the perfect balance between the noise levels of the interior and exterior of the system. The result is a fantastic sound that is not deafening.

This system has been engineered to meet or exceed all of the SAE j1169 requirements and guidelines. Because the system has been designed to meet these guidelines there is a good possibility that switching from your original equipment exhaust to this system will not void your warranty. Check your warranty guidelines to confirm this.


You will receive an increase in horsepower and torque when you switch to this system. The flow of exhaust from these pipes is directed in a straight release rather than through several bends. This straight release will maintain the proper exhaust efficiency while it gives you more power for pulling, towing, and going where you want to go.

Installation of this system is easy to do. All of the clamps and fasteners you will need to install the components come with the kit. The system does fit the majority of all Toyota Tacoma trucks.

3. MBRP S5326AL 2.5" Cat Back, Single Side Exhaust System

This single side exhaust system is made from aluminized steel. The aluminized steel allows you to drive without worries of roadway debris such as rocks damaging your exhaust. You can also drive in the rain or through water without worrying about rust and corrosion problems.

You do need to check your local guidelines to see if this system is legal for you to drive on the city streets. This system is designed to provide excellent performance for racing, and for off-road fun.


This exhaust allows your engine to remain cooler while you are demanding the most speed and agility from it. The system is designed to lower the exhaust temperatures, and that helps increase your horsepower, increase the amount of torque you have, as well as allow you to get more miles from each gallon of fuel.

This system will look very nice on your truck. The real crowd pleaser for this system is that it will give your truck the aggressive sound you need so you can intimidate your opponents. When you start your engine the growl will be noticeable. When you put the hammer down the growl will turn into a roar of power, pride, and pure energy.

4. Genuine Toyota Parts PT910-89061 TRD Cat-Back Exhaust

This is a stainless steel that is specifically designed for use on Toyota products so using it will not void your manufacturer warranty. Using this original equipment will give you the best fit and the most performance from the exhaust system.

This system is designed with a straight flow that helps reduce the restriction of the exhaust. This reduction in restriction allows the exhaust to remain cooler, and it allows the flow to be easier. Your vehicle will have increased horsepower because of the lesser restriction and it will get better fuel mileage from each gallon of fuel.


The resonating sound of this system is deep and throaty. It is also capable of meeting the decibel limit of 95 that most cities have. The noise makes the truck sound bigger, and tougher, but is at a level that will not break any laws.

This exhaust system comes with everything you need to connect it under your Tacoma truck. The manufacturer works with Toyota to design exhausts for their vehicles, so you can be sure that each component will be a perfect fit.

This exhaust system works best in short bed Tacoma trucks. If you have a longer bed you will want to examine the measurements and make sure that the item will fit. It weighs 30.6 pounds and measures 90 inches x 16 inches x 10 inches.

5. Flowmaster 17432 Cat-back System - Moderate / Aggressive Sound

This exhaust is crafted from 16 gauge tubing that is Mandrel bent. The sound you get from the exhaust pipes is moderately aggressive. It is aggressive enough to thrill you when you hear the growl while you idle, but it is not so aggressive that you cannot hear the other people in your car, or so that you break any city ordinances.

This system has a dual side exit so it looks great. It also has a variety of tips for you to choose from so your vehicle exhaust can be custom designed.


The installation for this exhaust system is easy to do, and the manufacturer has included all of the hangers and hardware you need so you have no extra components to purchase.

Once you have this exhaust in place you will notice that you have more power and torque from your engine. You will also notice that you are using less fuel. A properly balanced exhaust should do this for you, and this is a properly balanced exhaust.

Do check your vehicle warranty to make certain that using this exhaust will not void your vehicle warranty. If you do not find the answer in your warranty papers ask your dealer.

How to Choose a Perfect Exhaust System for Toyota Tacoma Trucks

Choosing the right exhaust system is more than just picking a system that will bolt up under your vehicle. The right exhaust system is a safety system that keeps harmful vapors and emissions from infiltrating your vehicle. The right system is one that looks good and sounds good while it helps increase the performance of your truck. When you are considering an exhaust system look at the following things:

What is it made of?

You want to buy an exhaust system that is made from metals that can withstand hits from rocks, and other road debris. You also want an exhaust system that will be impervious to or at least resistant to rust and corrosion. The exhaust system is beneath your vehicle so it is subjected to water, dirt, and damaging conditions.

Aluminized steel and stainless steel are both good options for exhaust system materials.

Is the kit complete?

When you buy an exhaust system you want to get a kit that comes with all of the hangers and hardware you will need to make the installation. You do not want to remove your old system, and get partially finished installing your new system, and then discover that you need to make a run to the auto parts supplier to get clamps, hangers, or other necessary installation pieces.

Is it legal?

Some exhaust systems are specifically designed for race cars and off-road driving. These systems are thunderously loud and they are not legal to use on most highways. An exhaust system should be 95 decibels or less if you plan to drive on normal city streets. Make certain the system you are buying can be used legally in your area.

You can get exhaust systems that give you the growling sound of a ready to lope V8 that are quiet enough that you can use them in neighborhoods and inside city limits.

Will it fit?

Some systems are designed with shorter pipes and those systems fit under most short bed trucks, but fall short when you try to place them under a longer bed, or use them with an extended cab vehicle.

Take accurate measurements of you you can determine if the systems pipes will fit properly under the truck you drive.

If you have any questions about the fit you can usually contact the manufacturer through their website and ask them if the system is appropriate for your vehicle.

Final Thought

Exhaust systems are not something that most drivers even think much about. If you have a vehicle you usually accept whatever exhaust system came on the vehicle.

Some people do give thought to their exhaust systems, and want to change their systems so they can get increased gas mileage, fewer emission outputs, an aggressive sound, more horsepower, more torque, or a really cool look.

Changing your exhaust system can make your vehicle sound completely different. It can also help you to do the work you need to do while keeping the engine cool and protected.

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