The 5 Best Exhaust System for GMC Sierra – Reviews 2020

We have often been asked, what is the best exhaust system for GM Sierra? Before we felt comfortable answering the questions we put our experts to work testing various exhaust systems and determine which ones outshined the rest.

Our panel of experts considered the performance, the ease of installation, the design, and the proposed benefits from the exhaust manufacturer. The experts installed some of the systems themselves, and they asked people who were not experts to also install the systems, and tell them how they liked the system, and how easy or hard it was for them to get the system in place.

Best Exhaust Systems for GMC Sierra - Reviews 2020

1. MBRP S5080AL 3" Cat Back, Single Side Exit Exhaust System

This exhaust system is perfect for allowing the exhaust to freely flow with no bends, angles or restrictions. Free flowing exhaust means that your engine stays cooler. A cooler engine can work harder and will perform better. You will benefit from more horsepower, more torque, and using less fuel. 

You will find that the fitment of this exhaust system is so close to the original equipment that installation is a breeze. The kit comes with everything you need for installation. It will probably take you longer to disconnect the old system than it does to connect this system.


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The 3 inch pipe provides ample flow with no restrictions. The side exit allows the exhaust pipes to create a unique look under your truck. The aluminized steel provides you with durable components that will not be affected by moisture, road debris, or rocks. The exhaust tip is polished so it has a nice shine, and creates a more aggressive appearance.

It has a low rumble that is aggressive but not too loud. When you accelerate you will be impressed by the throaty growl this exhaust emits. When you slow down the roar will become less so you can drive through towns without violating any sound ordinances.

2. Flowmaster 17395 Cat-back System - Dual Same Side Exit

This dual exhaust system has both of the pipes exiting the same side of the vehicle. The tips are shined and polished while the mandrel bent 16 gauge tubing is not.

If you needed one good reason for installing this system it would be the impressive aggressive sound it creates. The roar is loud enough that you can hear it from the interior of the truck, and it is low enough that you do not worry about disturbing others. If you accelerate then the sound deepens and increases, when you let off of the gas then the sound reduces.


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You get everything you need to install this system. All hangers and brackets that are required come in the kit. You do not need any specialized tools to change the old system out for this one. 

This exhaust system will easily connect to most GM Sierra vehicles. If you are concerned about the fit you can check the measurements against the original equipment that came on your truck. You should also check your vehicle warranty guidelines to determine if the system will void your warranty if you change over. This exhaust should not terminate any warranty but it is always wise to check first. The system measures 52.5 inches x 16.2 inches x 15.5 inches.

3. Borla 140343 Cat-Back Exhaust System

This is a cat back exhaust system. That means that all of the needed pipework and the muffler. The cat back system is installed right behind the catalytic converter on your automobile. You will get all of the hangers and hardware necessary for installing this system.

The wonderful aggressive sound that you get from this system is due to the manufacturer not incorporating a resonator into the system. The resonator makes the sounds of the exhaustless noticeable and they also restrict the exhaust flow.

With this exhaust system, the flow is enhanced and you get more gas mileage, and more horsepower and torque.


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To make the exhaust flow even better the pipes are crafted with mandrel bends. There are no kinks or restrictions in these smooth bends. The mandrel bends leave the tubing your pipes are crafted from smoother and stronger.

This Borla exhaust weighs roughly 50 pounds and measures 65 inches x 18.8 inches x 12.5 inches. Check these measurements against your current exhaust system to determine if this is the perfect fit for your vehicle. 

This exhaust is designed to be acceptable for driving inside the city limits as well as off-road excursions. Check your local ordinances to make sure this system is acceptable where you live and drive.

4. CORSA 14873 Cat-Back Exhaust System

This is a cat back exhaust system. It is super easy to install because it simply bolts into place. All of the hardware you need comes with the system.

The components of this exhaust are crafted from stainless steel. They are basically impervious to water and will not rust or corrode over time. The entire system weighs 58 pounds and measures 57.2 inches x 20.8 inches x 14 inches. You can use these measurements to verify that the system will fit under your vehicle.


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This Corsa exhaust has a custom sound that allows you to hear no drone, yet get an aggressive and responsive sound while you are accelerating. That means you can cruise without noisy distractions, and when you take off everyone will hear you roar. The custom part of this sound is made when you choose the sounds, tones, and particulars of your exhaust system. 

The larger diameter of the pipes on this system will allow your exhaust to flow more freely, and that results in a cooler engine. The benefits you reap are less fuel consumption and more power and torque. The performance of your vehicle is greatly increased when the exhaust systems are capable of working at its maximum capacity.

5. MagnaFlow 15270 Performance Cat-Back Exhaust System

This is a powerful exhaust that is welded together. The welded construction allows the components to be stronger and last longer than a bolt together system would be, This exhaust system is designed to provide the highest amount of exhaust flow. There is not an added resonator that will restrict sound or flow.

You get a piece of equipment that can improve the horsepower and torque of your engine. This exhaust can also greatly improve your fuel consumption, and provide you more highway miles for each gallon of fuel.


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The lack of an extra resonator means that this exhaust system sounds more aggressive than many other systems. It is not so loud that you cannot drive it through town, but it is not so quiet that you do not hear it. You get the perfect growl and accelerated roar.

To add to the strength this system has mandrel bends. The mandrel bends are stronger and they do not have a tendency to restrict airflow.

It is very easy to install and comes with all of the hardware that is required. It weighs 38 pounds and measures 49 inches x 25.2 inches x 14.9 inches.

How to Choose the Proper Exhaust System for Your GMC Sierra

Choosing the proper exhaust system will allow you to increase the horsepower and torque of your vehicle. You can also improve your gas mileage by getting a system that allows your exhaust to be less restricted.

Original equipment exhaust systems are designed to allow the vehicle to be as quiet as possible. These original equipment systems have resonators added in them to further tone done the sound of the vehicle. The result is an ultra-quiet vehicle that has an extremely restrictive exhaust.

When you change to an aftermarket exhaust system you will allow the exhaust to freely exit your vehicle. When choosing your new system consider the following things:

How Big are the Pipes?

Larger exhaust pipes allow the exhaust to flow more freely. The lack of restriction allows the vehicle to be able to have an increase in horsepower. Smaller pipes restrict the exhaust flow and the smaller pipes make the sound of the exhaust quieter.

You won’t exhaust pipes that are between 2.5 and 3 inches in diameter. The majority of exhaust systems have tips that are about one half an inch larger than the pipe that comes out of the muffler.

The Sound

If you change to another exhaust system you need to know what sound you want your vehicle to make, and what sound the new system is capable of giving you. 

The more bends that a pipe has, the less sound, that comes from the pipe. The straighter pipes create more aggressive sounds. The exception to this rule is when the bends in a pipe are mandrel bends. The mandrel bends do not cause as much restriction on the pipe and they do not cause the high pitched and tinny sounds. A mandrel bend will allow the noise resonating from your exhaust to be deep, throaty, and a sort of growl.

Always check your local ordinances to see if the system you are choosing is legal to operate. Some exhaust systems are restricted and can only be operated on race tracks and off-road riding trails. 

The Exit

The place where the pipes exit your vehicle, and the number of pipes that exit your vehicle, can increase the aggressive look. You must take accurate measurements to ensure that your new system will fit properly under your vehicle and allow your pipes to exit in a manner that you approve of.

You must also remember that if you do off-road driving you want the exhaust pipes to provide you with as much ground clearance as possible.

Final Thought

The majority of drivers give very little thought to their exhaust systems. When we purchase a vehicle the manufacturer has an exhaust system in place, and that system is normally designed to make the vehicle run as quietly as possible. The quieter system may not be the best system, because the quiet system restricts airflow coming from the exhaust.

To improve the performance of your vehicle you want to let the exhaust flow freely. Free flow can be gained with straighter exhaust pipes or pipes that have mandrel bends. 

Before you change your exhaust determine whether you want your vehicle to run quieter or to run more efficiently.

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