Best Exhaust System For Silverado 1500 – Reviews 2020

When looking for the best exhaust system for a Chevy Silverado 1500 you should consider: the measurements of the system, the materials the system is manufactured out of, the ground clearance of the system, the decibels or the sound of the system.

You also should consider how easy the system is to install and whether the system is compatible with your original equipment or if you will need new hangers to install.

We know that those are a lot of things to consider so our experts decided to try out several exhaust systems that are compatible with the Chevy Silverado 1500 body style, length and requirements.

Best Exhaust System For Silverado 1500

1. Flowmaster 17395 Cat-back System - Dual Same Side Exit

The 16 gauge tubing used to design the pipes of this cat back exhaust system are mandrel bent. Mandrel bent tubing creates a bend in the tubing that does not restrict the flow of the exhaust through the pipes. The mandrel bends are gentler and they do not leave the metal kinked, or folded so they do not slow down the exhaust being expelled.


When you have a greater amount of flow like you have with this exhaust system you get an increased amount of torque and you also increase the horsepower your engine has. Another benefit of greater exhaust flow with less restriction is the increased fuel mileage that you get. 

This exhaust system has all of the hangers and hardware that you will need to install it. It is a cat back system that installs behind the catalytic converter, and it does not include an extra resonator that will dampen the sound of the exhaust.

It does have an aggressive and resonating growl when it is idling or when you are cruising at low speeds and RPMs. When you accelerate to increase the speed the growl increases to a roar.

2. Flowmaster 817669 American Thunder 409S Cat-Back System

Stainless steel has been used to craft an exhaust system that has an aggressive sound, and an impressive appearance. The system weighs 62.6 pounds and it measures 58 inches x 17 inches x 12 inches. The exterior of the metal is painted for an increased aesthetically pleasing appearance.

This system is very easy to install. All of the clamps, hangers, and hardware that you will need to perform the installation are included in the kit. You should measure your current system to make sure that you have enough room under your truck for this one.


This exhaust system is designed to be driven legally in most places. You should check your local noise level regulations to make sure that this unit is acceptable in the areas you live and drive in. The State of California has issued a Cancer and reproductive harm warning about this item. To read more about this go to

This system has large diameter tubing for pipes and it has few bends so it allows for a free expulsion of exhaust. You will see an increase in vehicle performance and horsepower after you install this unit. You may also see an increase in how far you can drive on a gallon of fuel.

3. Flowmaster 717787 Sound-14-18 GM 1500 Series Exhaust System

This dual tailpipe system has 2.5 inch pipes exiting on the same side of the truck to create an aggressive exterior to let everyone know just how tough your Chevy is. On the end of those 2.5 inch pipes are 4 inch black ceramic tip. The tips are stainless steel that has been coated in the ceramic coating. The Flowmaster logo is emblazoned on the tips.

The pipes of this cat back system exit in front of the rear tire. The system measures 40.5 inches x 20.5 inches x 10 inches. It weighs 41.6 pounds. It is a designed fit for the Chevy Silverado 1500 manufactured for 2014 to 2018. It also precisely fits the Sierra 1500 Crew Cab made by GMC.


The sound of this system is moderately aggressive. That means you get the interior growl and rumble, but it is not too loud, and it is street legal. Tis amazing sound is the direct result of the free flow of exhaust that the mandrel bent pipes allow. There is nothing restricting flow and create a pressure exhaust back-up.

You get increased horsepower and torque to back up the aggressive sound. You will also get more miles from each gallon of fuel.

4. MBRP S5080AL 3" Cat Back, Single Side Exit Exhaust System

This amazing exhaust system will give you the aggressive sound you want. These aluminized steel pipes will stop rust and corrosion from happening. The 3” pipes are large enough to allow the exhaust flow to be free moving so you get that low rumble when you crank the engine and sit there idling, then as you accelerate the rumble deepens and becomes a throaty growl, and when you get on the gas the growl develops into a roar that says “I AM HERE”. 


Another benefit to having large diameter pipes that are not restricted is the increase in miles per gallon. You will get more miles out of each tank of gas. Some people even report an increase as great as 12 miles or more extra.

The increased gas mileage is accompanied by more power. The horsepower and torque of your vehicle will be increased. You can drive farther, pull more, accelerate faster, and rule the road.

This exhaust system is designed to be operated on city streets, but, you want to make certain that changing systems will not void your warranty, and that this system will be legal in your city.

5. Borla (140537) 2.75" Inlet x 2.25" Outlet ATAK Cat-Back Exhaust System

This exhaust system is a cat back system designed to increase your power and vehicle performance. The 2.25 inch exhaust pipes carrying the exhaust from your engine allow that exhaust to move quickly and efficiently. The pipes do not restrict the flow so you get more horsepower and torque. You even get to drive further on the gas in your tank.

This system was built with the Chevy Silverado and GMC Sierra pickup trucks in mind. The kit comes with everything you are going to need to install this system in your truck, except for the common hand tools.


The majority of people who have made the change over from OE exhaust systems to this system say the entire process from start to finish took less than 2 hours to complete.

The system weighs 54.2 pounds and measures 60.2 inches x 16.4 inches x 13.5 inches. Check the ground clearance if you use your vehicle as an off road vehicle. You also need to check to make certain that switching to this Borla exhaust will not void the warranty you have on your vehicle.

This is aluminized steel tubing with polished tips that have a moderately aggressive appearance.

How to Choose the Right Exhaust System for Your Silverado 1500

When you are considering a new exhaust system for your Chevy Silverado you have to consider what kind of driving you do the most in order to choose a system that is best for your needs. There are a few other things for you to consider that will help you to get an exhaust system that performs best for you.

City or Off-Road Driving

If you drive your vehicle primarily in hunting clubs, or down dirt roads, or on race tracks, then you do not have to worry about the decibels your exhaust system creates. You have to worry about how much ground clearance you have so your exhaust pipes are not damaged by rocks or road debris.

If you drive in towns, or around neighborhoods with homes, then you have to consider how loud your exhaust system will be. Some towns have noise ordinances that will stop you from driving a vehicle that sounds very aggressive or loud. Always check your local regulations prior to buying a new exhaust system

Where do the Pipes Exit the Vehicle

One thing you may not have considered about your exhaust system is where the pipes will exit the vehicle. Do the pipes come straight out the back, or will they exit in front of a tire on the side of the vehicle.

The position of the pipes as they come out from under the vehicle can be a determining factor in whether the exhaust system will be beneficial to you on your vehicle. 

Take exact measurements and make certain that the system will fit your truck properly prior to buying.

Pipe Size

The diameter of the exhaust pipes can make a large difference in the sound of the system. Larger diameter pipes allow a free flow of exhaust and that allows your vehicle to have a more aggressive sound. Narrow or small diameter pipes restrict the emissions and dampen the noise created by the exhaust.

Pipe Materials

When you are selecting an exhaust system remember that the pipes will be under your vehicle and they will be splashed with water, hit by bits of road debris, and subjected to heat and cold. Buy pipes that are made from aluminized steel or stainless steel to ensure the proper strength and agility.

Final Thought

When you go to buy an exhaust system for your vehicle you need to be sure that you are getting a system that is legal for highway usage. Many exhaust systems are designed for off-road use only, and they create noise levels that are not permitted in some places.

Always check your vehicle warranty information to make sure that changing your exhaust system will not void your manufacturer warranty. If you cannot find this information talk to the dealership and they should be able to answer this question for you.

Always measure your bed of your truck, and if possible your existing exhaust to make certain you are getting a system that will fit properly.

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