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Automotive Exhaust System and Uses

An automotive exhaust system is created from a series of pipes that are connected so that burnt gases from the engine can be distributed out from under the vehicle. Trapped exhaust gases would make you sick or possibly kill you. The exhaust system of your car is designed to keep you safe and healthy as you drive.


Various Automotive Exhaust System Ins and Out

Many exhaust systems actually increase the power of the vehicles they are connected to. If your Dodge Ram 1500 Hemi powered truck is starting to act sluggish or does not have the get-up and go you want then considering changing the exhaust system. Creating a free-flowing exhaust helps to increase your horsepower.

If you own a GMC Sierra pickup you can increase the number of miles you get from each gallon of gas by putting in exhaust pipes that have fewer bends and allow the air gases to move through with little effort.

Nissan Titan and Toyota Tacoma owners can increase the aggressive look and sounds their vehicles have by installing systems that have aggressive-looking tips. You have to be careful when you install these new systems because some warranties from the manufacturer or dealer may stipulate that you cannot change the original equipment. Check your warranty and ask your dealer if making changes to the exhaust system will affect your warranty.

A lot of people buy new exhaust systems that have a higher profile so they can drive their vehicles on off-road adventures without worrying about compromising the exhaust pipes. Many Jeep Wrangler JK owners change their systems so the pipes are farther off of the ground and that allows them to drive over rougher terrain, stumps, through deeper water, and in deeper mud without taking a chance of fouling their system.

The ability to increase your gas mileage and increase the horsepower of the vehicle is two of the biggest reasons for making changes to the existing exhaust. The systems that come installed in a vehicle from the manufacturer are designed to operate as quietly as possible while eliminating as much of the gases as possible. These systems are designed to pass all state and federal regulations on this kind of equipment.

If you want to allow your engine to run cooler and do a better job then you need to change your pipes over so they are bigger, have fewer bends, and they allow the gases to flow through without getting bottled up in crooks and bent pipes. 

The Silverado 1500 comes with the quietest possible exhaust so it can be driven in all areas without interfering with a noise ordinance. With a few changes, you can give your truck the throaty rumble it deserves, but you do not have to make it so aggressive that you cannot drive past your neighbors’ house without waking them up.

How Car Exhaust System Works