Bug A Salt Reviews – The Best Bug Killer On The Market

For a safe way to kill the annoying insects that pester you when eating outside or that invade your living room and make your life a misery, look no further because all of your prayers have been answered. The Bug-a-Salt is here!

Now you can have more fun than you ever thought possible while eradicating those household pests. To make your life even easier than theses amazing products will, I’ve put together the Bug a Salt review - a fun but super active pest control device.

5 Of The Best Models Of Bug-A-Salt Gun Reviewed

We’ll look at the products that are available from the company, what they can do and how they can do it. Pull up a chair this could get really interesting.

1. Bug-A-Salt 2.0 Insect Eradication Gun

We will start with the original Bug A Salt, although it’s not the original. It’s like Iron Man. They’ve gone away looked at any problems there were with the first one and come back with the 2.0. Better, stronger and more powerful.

Pour some normal table salt you have in your kitchen into the loader, cock the gun, point and shoot. Once you cock the gun the sight viewer will pop up to show it is ready to fire.

Bug-A-Salt 2.0 Insect Eradication Gun

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This new model means you can use less salt as the manufacturer has increased the power, giving you up to 80 shots per load.

It shoots in a spray like a normal shotgun, meaning a minimal chance to miss your intended target. You can safely use near food, pets and children because there are no chemicals involved.

Using a pump action cocking mechanism, with no need for any batteries or charging, you’ll actually want flies to be hanging around when you have one of these.

2. Bug-A-Salt Lawn & Garden Edition

If you want even more power to eliminate the critters in your garden or anywhere outside, then this is the model that you need. Made from strong and durable yellow and green plastic, it will have the pests in your garden running for the hills in fear.

Shooting an even larger amount of salt than the 2.0, you are nearly guaranteed to hit your target every single time.

Bug-A-Salt Lawn & Garden Edition

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Especially if they are still in flight. There is truly no escape from this new addition to the Bug A Salt arsenal. It features the same loading and cocking technique as their first product to make life easier for you.

Because of the increase in salt that this gun shoots you can also increase your options when it comes to the pests. As well as flies and mosquitoes, you can now take aim at stinkbugs, roaches, aphids, cabbage worms and even wasps.

3. Bug-A-Salt Camofly 2.0 Insect Eradication Gun

Yes, it may be a 2.0. You may think we have reviewed the 2.0, but this is more. This is better in every possible way. ‘Why’? I hear you ask. Because its camouflaged my friend and as we all know, if it’s camouflaged then it’s better.

It’s an unwritten law, although this isn’t camouflaged, its Camofly! As well as the features of the 2.0 we looked at before, the Camofly has a quick release safety catch.

Bug-A-Salt Camofly 2.0 Insect Eradication Gun

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Every model has one fitted as standard. As soon as you fire, the safety rearms so you can avoid any accidents or possible injuries.

The fantastic color scheme with the flies as the camo, is a limited edition piece from the manufacturer, so to avoid disappointment you need to get one now. Put on the bandana, apply the camo paint and become the John Rambo of your garden. You know you have to, it’s brilliant fun.

4. SKELL INC. Bug-A-Salt Original Salt Gun

This here is the original version of the Bug A Salt. Although we have seen the newly modified version, the first one is still a formidable machine to get rid of those flying nuisances. From 3 feet or closer nothing is safe.

Using only a pinch of salt to start you fly butchering spree, it is ideal for use inside your home. Wherever the fly or mosquito, you can be rid of it without damaging a thing.

Bug-A-Salt Original Salt Gun

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Completely safe to use when the flies are on walls, windows or mirrors, you can let the eradication commence.

The salt doesn’t actually splat the bug all over the wall. It kills by shock, leaving the fly whole and easier to clean up afterwards. This model will give you around 50 shots per load, and to see how it works, set up some foil and give it a shot to see the spread of the salt.


Our final product in the review is like leaving the best for last. What is better than one Bug a Salt 2.0? That’s right it’s two! In this value purchase you get two guns at a discounted price rather than buying them separately. It’s like Christmas has come early.

The only problem with having one of the guns is that inevitably, someone will get jealous. It may be your boyfriend, girlfriend, spouse, friend, mother or grandmother. Everybody will want to use one of these amazing products, but why should you give up yours?


Check More Photos & Price at: amazon.com

Don’t, is the answer. Get the multipack and go to war on the flies together. Make it a fly war competition. You can make it into who kills more, pretend you’re Starsky and Hutch or Riggs and Murtaugh.

The possibilities and the fun is endless, while getting an end result of no flies. It’s win, win all round.Now we have had a look at the fantastic products on offer, we’ll give you a quick head up on everything else. Starting with:

What is Insect Eradication?

Getting rid of insects and other pests can be done in a variety of ways, but the end game is the same, to eliminate them from your home, garden or garage.

You can buy different aerosol sprays from your local store, but these are not generally the best thing. As well as the smell that usually comes with the spray, you have to be careful where you spray it.

It cannot come into contact with any food or drinks and can be damaging to your pets, as well as a detrimental effect on you, especially any asthma or respiratory problems you may have. They are also not guaranteed to kill the insects. You could be running around for hours spraying, making your home uninhabitable until the smog dies away.

The basic fly catchers you can buy can be effective but look unsightly hanging from your doorway or garden. You have to replace them on a regular basis and make sure they are out of reach of your children who may see them as some sort of new toy.

They do come in various shapes and sizes but once they lose their attraction to the flies, then they become a decoration that you don’t want. They are not the most effective way of eradicating your insects.

Mosquitos are most peoples’ nightmare. You may need nets, repellents, sprays and scents to keep them away. Again, some of the sprays can be harmful and the nets can be truly annoying.

Any roach problem you may have can be a pain to fix. You may end up with traps around your home that you need to keep the kids and dogs away from. The sprays as we have said are better to be avoided so what other options do we have?

There are now natural remedies available on the market, but you could end up paying a premium for these, while their effectiveness has sometimes been questioned.

Eradication of pests like flies, roaches and mosquitoes will never happen in truth. Like a boomerang, you may think that you have got rid of it and then they’re back again. For severe problems you may have to call in a service to fumigate or clear out the pests, but this is generally a last resort. You need to get on top of things before they get to that stage. There is another way you can eliminate you flies though……….

What is a salt gun for?

A salt gun is for eradication without worrying about fumes, sprays or any other remedy that may or not work. This method can safely get rid of them, inside and outside the home whether there is food present or not.

Using only a tiny pinch of salt, the spray from the gun kills the insects instantly, especially mosquitos and flies, making tidying easy to do. There will be no more running around with a fly swatter for you once you have tried one.

With a range of approximately 3 feet, you can get close enough without scaring the fly away and having to give chase. While the blast will kill the flies, it won’t damage your home or windows.

Even when used in the garden the salt will wash away in the first rainfall. Even if it doesn’t rain the salt will pose no harm to any hedgehogs, foxes, pets, birds or other wildlife that ventures into your garden. As flies carry diseases and germs there is no more effective way to combat them.

Even though the gun is designed to be efficient while you have fun, it is only to be used by people aged 18 and over as it is not a toy to be used by children and should never be fired at people or pets. Flies are the enemy, not family.

The man behind this cool machine

Lorenzo Maggiore is the CEO and founder of Bug A Shot and its parent company Skell Inc. Based in Santa Monica, Ca, the Bug A Shot and following range has been a long time labour of love for this dedicated individual.

Originally an artist, Maggiore first came up with the concept and basic design back in 1994. With its specifically designed parts, it took until 2012 for him to gain an ‘Official Patent of Invention’ for his product.

With the help of family and friends, Lorenzo came up with a way to market his ingenious product to the masses. In the May of 2012, he posted a video of his invention on Youtube which became an instant hit. Not just with viewers but with press, various bloggers and prospective customers.

To help fund the number of items that he needed to produce due to the demand, he used crowdfunding site Indiegogo.com for his pre-sale launch and got an instant response.

The New York Times then ran a front page featuring Maggiore and the original Bug A Salt product which catapulted him into the manufacturing stratosphere.

Almost immediately he managed to achieve over 20,000 orders while his pre-sale campaign netted nearly six hundred thousand dollars. That’s how popular the Bug A Salt is.

Since the original design, he has continued to work on and develop the product. The 2.0 has recently been released as well as special edition and multi pack versions.

Orders are continuing to pour in, and while the Bug A Shot goes from strength to strength, Lorenzo Maggiore is now looking at and developing new products that he hopes will be as popular as this one. He has made killing flies’ fun and exciting and that is no mean feat. The story will continue……..

How Bug-a-Salt Works and Fun ways to kill insects

In usability terms it is simple and easy to use. After loading your standard kitchen salt into the covered port on the top of the gun, you hold onto the grip under the gun and slide it back.

It will then return to its front position, but the sight on the top of the gun will rise showing you that the gun is ready to fire.

There is a safety catch on the left side of the butt which you will need to turn off before you fire. For added safety it will rearm after each shot fired so that no mistaken discharges occur.

All that is left to do now is find your flies, aim and it’s ‘hasta la vista baby’!

The Fun

Although it is not a toy there is plenty of fun to be had with this brilliant design and here’s just a few ways to enjoy the eradication.

Keep score

Take it in turns or even better buy the multi pack and let the competition commence. Set a time limit, say 5 minutes, and then it’s killing time. No cheating please just good clean fun and you decide on a prize for the winner.

Dress up

Whether your preference is John Rambo, Terminator or Dirty Harry, there is fun to be had while asking the fly ‘are you feeling lucky punk? Well are ya?’

If there’s two of you then it’s even better. The possibilities of costume are endless. Who cares about funny looks from the neighbours over the fence, they only want to join in.

First one to miss

Although an old fashioned concept, the thought of losing could be just too much. Make it something the other one hates. Maybe cooking dinner, cleaning or even worse. It’s your house and your rules, but I am not responsible for any arguments that occur because of losing!

Final Note

Well ladies and gents, this signals the end of my Bug A Salt review. I hope that you have seen how much fun and entertainment can be had by this remarkable and yet ecologically friendly product for you and your friends.

If you don’t have one yet, then your next step should be to order one. You need one, two or even three of these in your life. I’m still wondering how I lasted for so long without one.

Thank you for taking the time to read about and hopefully enjoy this product, which is nothing short of a revelation.

David Hanley

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