Bug-A-Salt Camofly 2.0 Insect Eradication Gun

This Bug-A-Salt Camofly 2.0 pest gun is a great indoor insect eradication tool. It takes a pinch of salt shots to target crawling insects that wedge themselves in the edges of ceilings.

Bug-A-Salt Camofly 2.0 Insect Eradication Gun

The Camofly insect eradication gun kills a range of flying and soft body insects without leaving a messy spot of slimy splatter. A load of salt in the bullet compartment of this compact piece of Bug-A-Salt gun gives over 80 shots of salts against insects.

The device comes with an appealing look of camouflage and a visible salt viewing window. Thus it is easy to see the level of salts loaded in the compartment.

Easy to use: To ensure a seamless application, follow the direction for use.

  1. Open the loader cap, and pour a dose of regular table salt (this device about 80 shots of salt).
  2. Push the handle backward to activate the auto safety knob, and a pop-up sight indicator will show. Then you are ready to fire.
  3. Take off the auto-safety button by clicking towards you.
  4. Aim at the target, then take some rapid shots

Features Of This Bug a Salt Comofly 2.0

Easy to target: It takes a maximum of 2-3 shots to target mosquitoes, houseflies, spider, moths, and bugs. A single pump from the salt-gun is precise and delivers steady impact on all soft and hard body insects.

An interesting way to kill insects: Smart flying insects are unlucky to share your living space when you are armed with this Camofly insect killer. The Bug-A-Salt Camofly 2.0 gun is addictive and turns the user into a trigger-lover when he notices all kinds of insects. A load of regular table salts will bring maximum benefits and an insect-free home. There is no risk of environmental pollution with this device.

Sturdy construction: The insect eradication gun is built to last with a durable plastic material. The sturdy construction and lightweight makes this tool portable for use anywhere.

Features: Each part of this Bug-A-Salt Camofly 2.0 gun is non-toxic to the user. Also, batteries are not required to operate this lightweight device. The insect eradication gun is portable and easy to use. More so, the eradication device doesn't require extensive maintenance, and with high firepower, the rate of shots is a surefire way to eradicate bugs from difficult-to-swat insects.


  • The user doesn't need to come close to targeted insects before killing them, and this device works from a range of 3 meters.
  • This Camofly is designed to last for a good number of years with its sturdy built. The device is lightweight and a portable material. Also, it can shoot insects with greater accuracy.
  • It has a customized style of camouflage that is easy to use without insects luckily flying off
  • It is never a boring moment hunting down flies, as the usage is addictive.


An overload of regular table salt in the loading compartment brings a stiff trigger. To ensure that the trigger springs readily, do not fill the compartment.

Check bug a salt garden edition here.

Final Note

The camouflage insect eradication gun comes with a dimension of L X W X H; 21 x 7 x 3 inches. Also, the user will save some money as there is no need for batteries to power the cocking pump slide handle.

The insect eradication gun is easy to use by releasing the auto safety knob, wait for the pop-up sight glass before firing at pesky insects. The Camofly 2.0 insect eradication tool is a decent birthday or anniversary home ware that comes handy and convenient to use.

This use of this Bug-A-Salt insect gun is a surefire way to utilize leftover portions of salt.

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