Bug-A-Salt Lawn & Garden Edition, Outdoor Pest Gun

The Bug-a-Salt lawn and garden is a more compact shotgun than regular versions. This device is easy to use and blast insects on the larger scale with ordinary table salt. The casing and plastic material is durable for easy handling when shooting.

 A load of salt in the compartment gives you 50 shots against the pesky pest. Also, the device has a wide-accurate range of 3 feet; thus offering protection for your summer crops in the garden.

This product is recommended for outdoor use since the lawn and garden version shreds targeted pest into pieces on impact. The user is always sure of hitting the targeted pest. it gets rid of crawling and flying insects quicker than regular Bug-A-Salt pest shotgun.

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Features Of This Garden Edition Salt Gun

  • Effective garden pest control tool: The strength of shots fired makes it difficult for garden insects to withstand the lawn and garden version. More so insects hovering on garden beds are brought down from mid-air flights in split seconds after firing shots of salts. It is a great eradication tool for pest destroying your flower beds and summer crops.
  • Great for hard body insects: The strike force is awesome and lays waste to an array of all pest. More so, shot of salts rain hard as bullets on hard body insects and spiders.
  • Wide range of shots: With one pump of salt, the lawn and garden pest shotgun covers a wide range that keeps your environment free from pest. This big load Bug-a-Salt lawn and garden pests gun is a sure fire way to tackle all sorts of insects.
  • A funny and addictive way to eradicate pests: The lawn and garden version of Bug-A-Salt pest gun is a funny way to get rid of pesky pets with regular table salt. You will find it addictive, and enjoy the activity as you shoot with the miniaturized gun.

Easy to use: After you purchase the lawn and garden pest gun, follow the steps below to operate the pest gun.

  1. Lift loader cap, and fill the compartment with regular table salts.
  2. Slide the handle towards you, and push away towards the barrel of this insect gun. When the auto safety knob is activated, a pop-up sight indicator appears. Thus showing readiness to fire.
  3. Aim at the insect with some shot.


  • Every shot of table salt at pests is a wide-range assault, a regular user of this tool preserves your summer crops and garden bed.
  • There is no need for multiple sprays, a single pump takes a nightmare of pests away.
  • The device has a sturdy feel, and this ensures durability
  • Once the bullet compartment is loaded with salts, the user is set for rapids shots with an awesome strike force


Owning this pest shotgun is addictive because of the high-impact shots and the precision of salt shots on insects.

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Final Note

Wouldn't you like to have the walls of your house cleaned off stains from splattered insects than have all sorts of fleas in your home?

It is an advantage to use this lawn and garden version because the great killing power that overruns fly, spiders, and mosquitoes. Also, the Bug-A-Salt lawn and garden version is useful in spluttering black widow spider, wolf spider, yellow jackets, roaches, and stinkbugs.

It is easy for the user to get addicted to this great outdoor Bug-a-Salt lawn and garden edition. Stubborn garden pests like soft body insects are not friends with this device.

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