Best Exhaust System for Nissan Titan – Reviews 2020

The best exhaust system for a Nissan Titan is different from the best exhaust system for other vehicles. We asked our experts to help us show our readers what exhaust systems they needed for their Nissan Titans, and why. A review or suggestion needs to explain why one thing is better than the other.

Our experts picked the following five exhaust systems, but they told us that none of these systems are more preferred than any of the others. The experts explained that personal choice does play a part in the exhaust system choosing and that we should try to recommend something for each different driver/owner/enthusiast.

5 Best Exhaust System for Nissan Titan Reviews 2020

1. Diamond Eye K3520A Cat-Back Exhaust System

This cat back exhaust system weighs in at 83 pounds and measures 52 inches x 15 inches x 23 inches. The pipes are 3.5” and allow for a free flow of exhaust through them. The lack of restriction improves vehicle performance and helps to improve things like your gas mileage.

All of the clamps and hardware needed to install this exhaust system are included in the kit. You can easily change your original equipment system to this system without having to buy anything extra. No specialized tools are needed for the installation. 


This is a 2 in and 1 out configuration that allows the exhaust to be quickly moved through the muffler and out the tailpipe. This configuration also gives the exhaust a throatier growl that will increase how aggressive your truck sounds. 

The tip on the exhaust pipe is a polished metal that gives it a very clean look. 

The system is legal in most cities and municipalities, but you should always check to ascertain whether the system meets the regulation requirements of the area you reside in. Also, check your vehicle warranty to make sure that changing the exhaust will not void your warranty.

2. Flowmaster 717910 Flow FX Cat-Back Exhaust System

This exhaust system has one single three inch pipe carrying the exhaust from the muffler and out from under the vehicle. It is a straight through system so it is efficient, effective, and beneficial.

It reduces the exhaust pressure on your engine and allows you to have more horsepower and increased torque. It allows your motor to work less so the motor uses less fuel to operate and you save on every mile that you drive.

The black ceramic coated tips give this system a more aggressive appearance. The deep rumbling tone makes the truck sound more aggressive. Combined with the new aggressive appearance the sound creates a completely new impression of your vehicle on people.


This exhaust system is an ideal fit for the Nissan Titan trucks that have a 5.6 liter engine and were manufactured between 2017 and 2019. This new system is going to bolt up to the original equipment catalytic converter pipes. 

The system employs the Scavenger Y pipe configuration to provide a greater surface area size and allow a freer flow of exhaust. This configuration uses D shaped ports that are positioned back to back. The increased power you get from this system is going to make towing, pulling, and hill climbing easier in your Titan. 

3. Performance Stainless Steel 3.50" Cat Back Exhaust Muffler System Kit

This exhaust system is a perfect fit for V8 Nissan Titan trucks with a gasoline powered 5.6 liter engine manufacturer between 2004 and 2014. The tip for this exhaust pipe is made of black stainless and it is included with the kit.

The stainless steel used to manufacture the exhaust system is SS409 stainless. You will have no worries about rust, corrosion or strength and durability from your exhaust.

This is a cat back system that includes a muffler rated for high performance. The inlet pipe is a whopper at 3.50” and the tailpipe is the exact same size. That diameter of pipe allows for free flowing exhaust with no restriction.


The system components are welded together to create more strength and durability. When you combine those welded components with the free flow of exhaust the result is an increase in horsepower and torque. Your truck will be stronger, and will likely last longer because of the performance of this exhaust system.

The sound projected by this exhaust system is moderate. You have no sound projection into the interior of the truck. You can hear your radio clearly, or have a conversation with no drone, no grumble, and no roar.

4. Nissan Titan 1st Gen OD Outlet Louvered Core Muffler Cat-back Exhaust System

This exhaust system comes complete with everything you need for installation. It is easy to install and most truck owners do the installation at home rather than hiring a mechanic to do it for them.

This system has a 2.5” OD inlet and a 3” main pipe going out. That is providing a free flow of exhaust. The Dyno proven system can give you between 15 and 25 more horsepower and a low end torque. You can make your truck more powerful by changing the exhaust system you are using.


This is due to the fact that the manufacturer installs highly restrictive exhaust systems on vehicles so they can create super quiet trucks. When you change exhausts you might increase the noise your truck makes but you also remove the restrictions so your engine can do everything it is capable of doing.

The sound of this system is pretty aggressive. It is still road legal for use in the majority of the United States. You do want to check your noise law ordinances before you switch over to make sure you will still be in compliance. You also need to check your vehicle warranty to make sure that changing your exhaust system does not cause you to void your warranty.

5. Performance Stainless Steel Dual 3.50" Cat Back Exhaust Muffler System Kit

This exhaust system is a perfect fit for the Nissan Titan trucks with V8 gas engines that are 5.6 liters and were manufactured between 2004 and 2014. This system should easily bolt up under those vehicles with no changes to your vehicle. This system will not be likely to void your manufacturer’s warranty, but you should check the requirements of your warranty to be certain. 

This is a cat back system so it starts bolting up behind the catalytic converter. The intake and outlet pipes both measure 3.50” so they are plenty big enough to let the exhaust flow with ease through them. You know that a free flowing exhaust ups the amount of horsepower your engine has. It also reduces the amount of fuel your engine uses per mile.


This system is put together with TIG welding techniques to make it stronger and more durable. The material used in the creation of this exhaust system is stainless steel so it is strong, resists rust and corrosion, and can withstand the minor hardships of road debris, sand, and gravel.

This system adds a moderately aggressive sound to your vehicle. The large diameter tailpipe also adds a moderately aggressive appearance to your vehicle. The two combined give you a tough looking truck.

How to choose A Perfect Exhaust System for Nissan Titan

To choose an exhaust system you must make considerations on the way you drive, where you live, and what you like. The following points are good things to consider when you are comparing exhaust systems.

Will it fit my truck?

It does not matter how great an exhaust system is, or how great it claims to be at increasing your truck power if the system does not fit. You need to get the measurements of the system you are running, the measurements under your vehicle, and then compare them to the measurements of the exhaust system you are considering.

This sounds time consuming, but it is far better to measure twice than it is to have to return an exhaust system and start your search all over again.

Is it Road Legal?

You need to know if the system you are considering is road legal according to the noise ordinances in your city and state. Having a great system is not a benefit if you cannot drive the vehicle without getting a ticket.

Where do the Exhaust Pipes Exit

The location of the exiting exhaust people can change the look of your truck, and sometimes these popes can interfere with other key elements of your truck. Make sure you understand how the pipe exits from beneath your truck.

Are Tips Included

When you are shopping for an exhaust system to make your vehicle look more aggressive you likely will want an aggressive looking tip on the exhaust pipe. When you read the details of a system check to see if a tip is included in the package you are buying.

Pipe Size

The size of the pipes that carry the exhaust into and out of the system will make a big difference in the sound and look of the exhaust system. You do not want pipes that are less than 2.25” in diameter, and 3” is normally the largest diameter you will find.

Is it easy to install?

If you get a new exhaust system you want one that is easy to install. You want a system that installs with standard hand tools that you probably already own. You also want to buy one that comes complete with all of the nuts, bolts, clamps, and new hangers that you are going to need during the installation process.

While you are thinking about the installation process check your vehicle warranty to see if changing systems will void your warranty. Sometimes the warranty will let you change systems only if you hire someone certified by the manufacturer to install the new system.

Final Note

Buying an exhaust system that provides you with a freer exhaust flow can increase the horsepower of your engine by 15 to 25. Factory installed exhaust is very restrictive so the car is quieter and those exhaust restrictions restrict the power of your engine.

Those restrictions also make your vehicle use more gas per mile. If you change to a better exhaust system you can save money on gas and have a vehicle that is stronger.

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