Best Duramax Fuel Filters Reviews and Ranking 2020

Owners of the Duramax diesel engines often ask us what the best fuel filter for Duramax is. Some of these owners do their own fuel filter changes and automobile maintenance, and some of them are simply making sure that the mechanic shop they use are providing the best fuel filter for their vehicle.

The majority of fuel filters designed to be used in diesel engines is good filters. We feel that the following filters are five of the best ones. These filters are listed in no particular order. They all met or exceeded our protocols designed by our diesel owners and diesel mechanics.

5 of the Best Fuel Filter for a Duramax

1. ACDelco TP3018 Professional Fuel Filter with Seals

This ACDelco fuel filter will protect your engine from dirt, rust, or paint particles that could possibly be present in the diesel you purchase. The filter is designed to trap the particles so they do not have the opportunity to enter into your working engine parts.

This filter weighs one pound and measures 6.8 inches x 4.7 inches x 4.7 inches. You should check the information in your owner’s manual to see if this size fuel filter is appropriate for use on your vehicle. It is manufactured by ACDelco, and most automobile owners know the brand and trust products made by this manufacturer.


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ASDelco is the parts brand used the most by General Motors in their vehicles. They are the makers of the original equipment parts so the use of this fuel filter will not void your vehicle warranty.

The filter comes with a two o-rings for installation.  One o-ring should be positioned at the top of the filter housing and the other one should be placed on the bottom so the drain plug seals properly.

The filters fit tighter than many others so you have fewer leak problems. You want to change the filter at about the same time that you change your oil filter so you get the maximum protection and performance from your Duramax engine.

2. ACDelco TP1015 Professional Fuel Filter with Seals

This fuel filter is designed by ACDelco to specifically be used on General Motors equipment. It is one of the original equipment choices that GM uses on their Duramax diesel engines.

This filter weighs 5.4 ounces and measures 4.8 inches x 3.9 inches x 3.9 inches. It is the element insert that goes inside the filter housing and does not come with a new housing assembly. All of the necessary o-rings come with the filter.


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You will need to have a 36mm socket and an 18mm socket for the installation process. The 18 mm socket will be used to loosen the drain plug and the 36mm socket will be used to remove the filter cap that covers the element.

The filter is made of the highest quality element media. The pleated design allows the filter to capture a larger amount of contaminants and provide you coverage for a longer period of time.

Since this is an original equipment part you do not have to worry about voiding your vehicle warranty when you use it. You can also rest assured that since the part is the same ones chosen by the manufacturer you are getting something that is designed to work perfectly with the engine you have.

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3. WIX Filters – 33960 Heavy Duty Spin On Fuel Water Separator, Pack of 1

This Wix fuel filter is designed to separate the water that could be present in your diesel fuel from the fuel your engine needs. Water in your fuel can cause corrosion in your engine, it can cause your engine to begin to run poorly and even to overheat.

You know that water in your fuel can cause damage to your fuel injectors and make you have to replace those costly items. A fuel filter designed to stop water from being able to get to the working parts of your engine will save you time and money.


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This particular filter has an open end bottom. It was specifically designed to be used on the Chevrolet and General Motors trucks that house a 6.6 liter Duramax engine and were manufactured between 2001 and 2009.

The filter weighs 12.8 ounces and measures 3.9 inches x 3.9 inches x 7 inches. This is a replacement filter element not an entire filter and housing assembly. It is listed as a 7 micron filter. That means it traps the large contaminants of rust, trash, and debris that can be found in fuel, and the majority of the finer particles of these contaminants.

4. Baldwin BF9882 Fuel Filter/Water Separator, 1 Pack

This filter is made with a metal casting. It weighs 1.6 pounds and measures 6.4 inches x 4 inches x 4 inches. It is specifically designed to be used on Chevrolet and General Motor vehicles that house the 6.6 Duramax engine.

It is a spin on filter. It has an open port on the end and it is a water and fuel separator. You will be protected from large and fine particles of dirt and debris as well as water that could be detrimental to your engine. It is a 2 micron filter and removes more of the trash and debris than the common original equipment filter is designed to keep out of your engine.


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The filter does come with the appropriate o-rings for installation. Your only concern will be getting the filter tightened properly so that it stays properly in place.

It is the precise replacement for the following part numbers:

  1. General Motors part number 12633243
  2. General Motors part number 1264512
  3. General Motors part number 19255090
  4. ACDelco part number TP3012

Check your owner’s manual to see if this filter will work on your vehicle without voiding your manufacture warranty.

5. XDP Duramax CAT Adapter with 1R-0750, Bleeder Screw & Spacer

If you are looking for a filter replacement that will save you money while still providing the best protection for your vehicle manufactured between 2001 and 2016 then this is the filter for you. It fits perfectly on that year model of trucks that have the 6.6 liter Duramax engine.

You will not have to make any modifications to your factory system to accommodate this filter. That may stop the use of this filter from voiding your warranty package.


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The filter weighs 2.75 pounds and measures 6 inches x 12 inches x 6 inches. It is a screw on type of filter. It is designed to easily thread onto the original equipment filter head. A filter head spacer is included that will give you a greater amount of room when you are doing filter changes. It also has an aluminum bleeder screw for you to replace the plastic bleeder screw that came on the original equipment.

If you use this filter you can save a lot of money on your fuel filter changes and thusly you will be able to change your fuel filter on a regular basis and protect your engine better. This could increase the life expectancy of your engine, and help you get maximum fuel usage and increased miles per gallon.

How to Choose The Perfect Duramax Fuel Filter

When you are choosing the best filter for your duramax vehicle consider the following things about the filters you have to choose from.

Filter Element of Complete Housing

Some fuel filters are designed to be completely changed when you change them. This means the entire housing needs to be replaced when you change your fuel filter. Of course changing a complete housing is more work and it is more costly than changing a filtration element.

Other fuel filters provide you with a replaceable filtration element that fits into the housing you already have installed. These filters cost less because there are fewer components. They are easier to change, and they are usually made of the same high quality filter media that the other filters are made of.

Your vehicle manufacturer may recommend the fuel filter you use be 18/16/13. That means that the filter would eliminate specific numbers of contaminants that measure 6, 6 or 14 microns.

The 18 represents a filtration of 2,500 particles that measure larger than 4 microns while the 16 represents a filtration of at least 640 particles that are larger than 6 microns. The final number of 13 represents filtration that can remove 80 particles that measure 14 microns or larger.

These calculations are designed for each milliliter or fuel cleansed by the filter. No human eye would ever be able to see particles of this size without the help of a microscope.


You want to get a filter that is going to protect you from as many contaminants as possible. The fuel filter ability to stop certain sizes of particles from entering your fuel system is measured in microns.

If a fuel filter is labeled as 3 microns then it will be effective at stopping particles or contaminants that are 3 microns or larger in size. If the fuel filter is labeled as 5 microns then it will stop particles that are 5 microns or larger.


The materials that are used to craft the filtration element are referred to as media. There are cellulose media, and glass fiber media’s available. The glass fibers are uniform in size and diameter where the cellulose fibers are not uniform.

The glass fibers are smaller and capable of trapping more particles and finer particles than the larger cellulose fibers can. When you choose a filter element make sure that the media the element is crafted from will be able to catch the most contaminants.

Metal or Plastic Components

The cap and housing elements for a fuel filter can be made of plastic or metal. Choose the filter that is made of the most durable materials so you will not have to change them as often.

Final Thoughts 

Your first consideration with a fuel filter, or any other filter on your vehicle; must be whether the filter will void your manufacturer warranty or not. Always check your warranty details prior to changing the filter type that is on the vehicle.

Once you decide to change the filter type then make certain that you get a filter that is the exact same size as the original filter so you will get a precise fit. If your filter does not fit exactly like the original equipment there is a possibility of leakage.

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