DEWALT Heat Gun D26950K Review

Quite frankly, the Dewalt heat gun is not for everyone. Not even for the faint-hearted ones, but designed for that person who love and cherish their work. It is something that when you put it into a work, you can be confident that you will achieve the right details of precision.

That means, you save on time and energy. And best of all if you are a contractor, you will increase the level output.

For example, you get an impressive arrays of features, all designed to enhance the quality of your work. The design and construction of the heat gun tells you a true story of what DEWALT had in mind when they were making excellent tools for contractors and handymen.

I would be lying to you when I say that you are going to love the heat gun. But I guarantee you that you will enjoy using this tool when you get used to it.

DEWALT heat gun

Now, you may have read bad reviews. But you can't let other people's negative experience influence your purchasing decision. The question....What if the DEWALT heat gun works for your situation? That said, I won't make the review biased by leaving out the most vital part.

The cons.

I will say it, so that you can know what to expect it once you have it. There is no perfect product on the market.

Okay, some of its...

Features of This DEWALT Heat Gun

A lot is said about its features on Amazon, but let me walk you into every detail. And show you what each feature means to your work. Or, how it will enhance the quality of your finish.

Well, I have to dispel one myth:

You may buy a heat gun because it is expensive. Well, I have seen people buy expensive things, which later they regret. So when buying something like a heat gun, look for the features and compare them with rest of the heat gun on the market.

That is when you will know and end up buying a high-quality tool that lives and guarantees its promise.

Variable temperature control

The temperature of this heat gun stars from 120 to 1100 degrees. That is enough temperature to help you achieve the right level of precision in your work.

The heat gun also heats up fast. Eliminating and saving your time so that you can get on the project fast. At a low temperature level, you will be able to do most of your home repair project.

Brace yourself, because the low temperature level will make you save your electrical bills.

Super thick cord length

Am looking at the cord right now. I am holding the cord on my left hand and tape measure on my right hand. Am doing the measurement and here is what I can tell you.

Surprise! Surprise! The Dewalt heat gun cord measures 10 feet long. Same size as the standard heat extension cord. With a long cord like this, count yourself luck and save the need for an extension cord. Apart from that, you don't even need to stand near an electric outlet for you use the heat gun.

On the quality, the cord is super thick. It is not something that will tear and wear. The heat gun that will last for more than three years. The cord comes with a cord protector that prevents the cord form damage. The cord comes with a cord protector that prevents the cord form damage.

Looking at the base of the heat gun there is a lot to say. It is flat and that means you will place it on an upright position without it rolling or tipping over. The heat gun also features a hanging loop that makes it easier for you store it.

Ergonomic design and weight

Am holding the gun and trying to shake it with my right hand and here is what am happy to report. The palm handle has enough grips that make it easier for you to hold it with one hand.

The grips are so sturdy that you won't feel like the gun is slipping or sliding on your hand. I measured the heat gun and it weighs 2.2 lbs, okay here I will disappoint you. This is a lot of weight; there are other heat guns in the market that weighs less than this.

But if you get used to it, you won't feel a pinch on its weight.

2 head attachments

You get accessories once you buy this heat gun. You get two types of nozzle:

  • Cone nozzle
  • Fishtail nozzle

The two nozzle attachments will help you narrow or broader heat distribution. Making this heat gun perfect to do any type of task in your workstation.


To do the tasks at hand this heat gun won't disappoint you, because it draws in lots of power. It uses 1550 watts, which is enough to do large or small kind of project.

Noise level

Doesn't even come close to a hair dryer. You can talk to any person without having the worry of the next person not hearing you. Even if there was a chance of noise being there it is minimal. You can rest assured that you will do your work without frustration.

Best used for

The variable temperature control, gives you much control on the heat requirements. You can do home repairs such as softening adhesives much quicker in low temperature settings.

Other home repairs that you can do including: defrosting frozen pipes during winter, baskets shrink wrapping, bending PVC or copper pipes.

It puts off the right amount of heat to skin in any home repair project. Contractors, who do large project, will enjoy using this gun. Because at a high temperature level, you can use it to:

  • To scrap paints and remove wallpapers.
  • To repair electronic connection (Heat shrinking).

What I like

The accessories like the two nozzle attachment are great. They give you the option of either concentrating or narrowing the heat.

Second, the heat gun comes with a robust cord. Other reviewers claim that it is cheap. Well, its design will deceive you but if you stay with it. You won't see it tear and wear fast.

Looking at the price of the heat gun, the features justify the investment that you are making.

What I don't like

Here is where the DEWALT Company needs to improve. Like the o the DEWALT D2690K, I would like this to come with an LCD display.

The temperature knob needs to be calibrated. So that buyers can know the precise level of temperature they are using.

This prevents over-heating which is common problem with most heat gun. Like majority of the heat gun on the market, this one lacks a cool down setting. These cons are minor issue considering what you can do with this heat gun.

Like any product, I felt it was my responsibility to tell you its negative part.

Final Notes

Now back to you. Does the DEWALT heat gun come even close to your expectation? Or do you want to join millions of the other satisfied customers who have bought this tool. If you still haven't decided yet, no problem. I have made it my obligation and responsibility to help you select the best tool.

For that reason, feel free to read my other heat gun reviews and decide if it is a tool that you want. Meanwhile, if you have any comment or question that you would like to share with the community of contractors feel free to leave a comment below.

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