DEWALT D2690K Heavy Duty Professional Heat Gun

We all need one thing in the work that we do. That is a fine touch of precision. That is what differentiates you as a professional from other wannabe handymen.

Then if you agree with me on that point, then you will know that having a professional heat gun is deal maker. It is what will make clients have faith in what you do and shell more dollars to your service.

Professional Heat Gun

If you go to a hospital today, you wouldn't miss a doctor without a stethoscope. And when a patient sees is it, they give him trust and more dollars that coming into this way. 

Professional Heat Gun Review

It will not only give you instant credibility but, it is something that will make clients salivating on getting your services. Why do I praise this heat gun so much? Well, don't take my word for it.

My job is to take you down through the review, so that in the end you will be the best judge. In the first part of this review, I want to walk you through...

The features of This Professional Heat Gun

Can't say that it has some awesome features as a professional heat gun, but I what to show you what they will mean when you are doing your job. I believe as a contractor, you will only appreciate the tool that you are working with, when you know what each feature means to your work. But I have something to confess. I can't say it has some of the best features that a professional heat gun would have. But its functionality deserves a mention plus where this heat gun sucks. Okay here they are.

High quality case

A lawyer always walks with files that contain case that he or she is working on. In this case, the DEWALT heat gun comes with a high quality case. That you can use it to store every heating appliance that you may need in your work station. It has enough space that can use it store anything that you will need.

Other heat guns on the market like Porter and Black and Decker, don't have a hard case to carry the tool. So what is my point? With this heat gun, your money is never going to waste.

Best of all you don't need to buy a separate case store your heat gun. The case will make you organize your tools and make you look like a professional when you go to visit your clients.

Best Professional Heat Gun

12 Accessories

I will be wrong if told you are buying a heat gun. As a contractor, your job is to not to have the heat gun alone, you also need accessories that make you do your work easier. This is the area that the company made a great improvement. The DEWALT Company gives you 12 accessories that you can use in your workstation. If you were to buy these accessories yourself, it will cost you hundreds of dollars.

But if you are on tight budget like me, 12 accessories are worth the investment of your money. Even, if you will never have to use them.

Because if a company offered you these freebies, this means that the company cares for you from the moon and back. You have to admit one thing. That no company in the market offers this great deals apart from DEWALT. If they are, then they are few.

Different nozzle attachment

Other heat guns on the market, come with a main nozzle. And if you need an extra nozzle, you need to buy it. The DEWALT Company wants to make sure that your investment is full protected when you buy this heat gun. That is why you get different nozzle attachment so that you can do a wide variety work. One of the nozzle types that you will get in the case is the fishtail nozzle. Which useful when you want to spread the heat over a large area.

LCD Display

The LCD display technology tells you one thing. The company is committed to creating powerful tools using the latest technology so that you can do your job with easy. When working with this heat gun, the LCD display will give you a sense of technology. You will adjust the readings of the temperature with easy while you look at the fine level that gets the work done with easy.

The LCD display has a 50 degrees increment on temperature. Meaning that if you want the 300 degrees temperature level. It will start at 150, 200, 250 then finally 300 degrees.

Variable temperature levels

Temperature level for this heat guns runs from 150 to 1,100 degrees. That is enough heat intensities to tackle most of the tasks that you will have. The good thing about having variable temperature control is that you will always find the fine temperature that is useful for particular tasks.

A variable temperature control feature is better than a dual temperature. The disadvantage of dual temperature is that, you have undefined temperature level that can make you take long on a particular task. Or make you scorch the object that you are working on, because you don't know the precise temperature level that can get the work done.

Innovative kickstand

Without a kickstand, then you don't have a heat gun. The DEWALT heat gun has a nice flat surface that makes it easy for you to place the heat gun on the upright position. This prevents tipping or rolling over the heat gun. It also makes it easy for you to work at a regular interval as you keep the heat gun to rest.

A 10-feet thick power cord

Seriously. Do you need an extension cord? I bet you need none, unless you are working on huge projects. So what do I say... Your investment is still protected. And if that does not make sense, then I will tell you this: The heat gun has a cord protector that prevents from wear and tear. I have seen other heat guns that have poorly constructed cords that don't even last long. Well, DEWALT heat gun has already beaten them in this area.

A hanging ring

So that you can store it easily, the heat gun includes a hanging ring for you to store it easily.

Best Used For

The question is...what can you do actually do with this heat gun? Here is the exact picture. Temperature level of 150 to 750 degrees Fahrenheit, you can use this heat gun to do things like heat shrinking, drying paints and repairing temperature.

Temperature level of 750 to 1,100 degrees Fahrenheit, you can use this heat gun to remove paint, loosen nuts and bolts and removing floor tiles. If you are a professional, you will benefit much from the high temperature setting, because that is where most of your work is.

Things that I like

The longer 10-feet power cord. It is impressive. You don't have to be near an electric outlet for you to use the heat gun. And best of all, you will cut back the need of an extension cord. The sharp nozzle includes will make it easy for any contractor to have precision on their task. This is a nice addition that the company has made.

There is a protection feature that turns off the heat to prevent overheating. That means you are very much safe when it comes to using this heat gun.

Things that I don't like

I wish there was a back-light on the LCD display. The LCD display would look nice and more tech.

Second, there is no a cool down feature with these heat gun. I hope in future, the company would consider this.

Final notes

You've read it. It's an amazing tool. It makes you look professional in your work. Best of all, nothing stands on its way when it comes to the features that it has. Then the question still remains... Are you going to sacrifice your hard earned money on a junky heat gun? When you have a professional heat gun, with awesome customer satisfaction rating on Amazon.

I bet you wouldn't do care about your work and that is all this heat gun review is about.

David Hanley

I am a contractor. I love my job to the moon and back. I like to try new tools that can ease my work and satisfy my clients. I am not a blogger, am a DIY person who wants to help my fellow friends.