Fasco 1/2-inch Crown 20 Gauge Duo-Fast 50 Series Upholstery Stapler

The Duo-Fast 50 Series Upholstery Stapler is a 1/2-inch Crown 20-G machine that is suitable for home applications and other DIY uses. The air powered upholster staple gun has a single length magazine and has a lightweight of 2.75 pounds which makes it a handy device for the operator.

With this high-impact device, you can use 1/4 to 5/8 inches’ leg lengths of staples. The loading chamber is designed at the base and gives speed when refilling and ease-of-use when operating.

The magazine is closed by a latch and opens readily for fast reloading. More so, purchasing this upholstery machine is a wise decision to make because it suits all industrial and home upholstery repairs.

Few Key Features Of This Fasco Stapler

Staple pins: This product works with 1/2" crown staples, and use duo fast 50 series staple for compatibility. Normally, operators use 1/4-inch to 5/8-inch staples for their daily task, and this machine will fit their purpose.

Sturdy construction: The Duo-Fast 50 Series Upholstery Stapler is compactly built with a plastic grip for more ease-of-use. The device is easy to maintain and has durability because its exterior is anti-impact, a there is a protective carry case.

Versatile: The 1/2" Crown Upholster staple machine from FASCO is ideal for industrial and DIY time-consuming task. More so, the 11.5 x 7.4 x 2.7 inches tool is portable and works well for upholstery binding, woodworks, automobile vinyl, carpet sewing, cabinet works, and other fabric-based tasks.

Quick loading: The base chamber acts as the single length magazine loading compartment with speedy refilling. The chamber holds 100 staples, and if there is a jam during operation; there is a latch that ensures the jam is cleared with a finger.

Dependable staple gun: This innovative Duo-Fast 50 Series Upholstery staple gun is a reliable, high-quality fastener. For high performance; follow the instruction manual, and oil the loading chambers with pins after each reloads. It works perfectly for binding crafting, wooden and floral objects.


  1. The Duo-Fast 50 Series Upholstery Staple Gun uses 1/2" Crown 20-Gauge wire staples in 1/4 to 5/8" lengths which are readily available in DIY shops.
  2. The device is uniquely dependable homeware for DIY tasks like; holding picture frames, carton storages, home upholstery, wallpapers, locker paper fastening and many other fabric-based objects. It is an inexpensive tool that gives high-quality fastening.
  3. The pneumatic staple gun has adjustable air exhaust and works perfectly with an air-pressure range of between 60 to 100 psi.
  4. Apart from being a versatile tool, operators can easily move this 1/2" Crown 20-Gauge Upholstery Staple Gun around with comfort. When the tool is not in use, it doesn't need large storage for safe keep.


  1. The durability of this product is sub-par compared to other high-quality upholstery staple gun. When you compare this device with other products, it has a cheaper quality. After a long duration of service, the trigger lock fails and forces the operator to hold down the lock with the other fingers.

Final Note

With a little budget, operators can change their traditional upholstery staple devices to a smart and dependable quick-release gun. The use of this air-powered device makes binding tasks less cumbersome. 

The power and the speed the staple gun provides are suitable for construction tasks that include setting up house wraps, cabinet works, and installing insulation. More so with this high precision tool, less time is required to undertake automobile vinyl, home upholstery and screen door repairs.

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