Milwaukee Heat Gun 8975-6 11.6 Amp | Guide and Review

For the millions times. How many heat gun reviews have you read? Did they give the right promise to you or it was a bunch of words written to whet your appetite so that you can get the gun? Only to end up with a shitty tool that does not meet your expectation as a professional contractor?

Well, if the answer is yes to the above. Then the Milwaukee heat gun may be the best heat gun for you. Second, if you have other heat guns at home that have met your expectation and fulfilled your desires at work.

Then this Milwaukee heat gun review is not meant for you. Because, why shell out your cash if you have something that is desirable for you.

Milwaukee Heat Gun

You will waste your money. But if you are interested in getting the information about this heat gun. Then you will appreciate the information that am going to provide.

It is unbiased information and I have no way of persuading you to buy it. All I do is give you my analysis and experience on how this heat gun has been of great importance to my work. And how it has made me save my time and energy at work. Then in the end, you are free if you should own this or damp it. Enough of the honest introduction.

Let's get to the basics that you need to know.

Features of This Milwaukee Heat Gun

Is the Milwaukee heat gun a horsepower? That is my job to tell you. And am going to be honest with you. And you be the judge, if you see that am being salesy then you have the right to click away. But before I dive into the features here is one thing:

It is not my favorite heat gun, but I have used it in 2015 and am happy to tell you both my disappointment and happiness about it.

Dual temperature level

This is a dual temperature heat gun. Meaning that it has two temperature levels that you can use. You have the 570 and 1000 degrees Fahrenheit. Am happy to say that, if you have small tasks you will be able to use this heat gun at a lower temp setting.

At that low level, the heat gun puts out much heat that you would not believe. At a high level like the 1000 degree Fahrenheit, you will be able to do most of the heavy duty jobs. This dual temperature heat gun is powered by a 11.6 Amp motor. The rocker switch on the handle makes it easy for you to control the temperature.

The switch has three positions: upper position is the 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit, the lower position is the 570 degrees Fahrenheit and the middle position is the off button. You have only three positions that make it easy to use for your convenient.


For such a high price, there is something that we can't afford to talk about. Durability.

Looking at the gun, it is well-designed and sturdy enough to last you months of operation. That is why this heat gun will beat its competitors like DEWALT and Porter, when it comes to how long you will last with it.

With good care and proper use, you can take three or even more years with this heat gun. The only thing that you may need to replace is the nozzles. Like me I have a habit of replacing the nozzles after every year or 6 months because I do lots of heavy duty work.

The tough red colored ABS plastic is the material used to construct the body of this heat gun. Along with an easy to hold handle.

Ergonomic design

Have you ever held a live fish in your hand? Then you will know that, it slips easily in your hand. Well, you never want to have a heat gun that behaves like that when you are working.

Not only is this dangerous, but it can also make you scorch the device or object that you are working on. Does this heat gun behave like live fish?

Big No.

It is designed to offer you more grip, so that you never even think of it sliding and burning you. I am happy to tell you that your hands are safe with this heat gun. If you hold the heat gun, you will get a feeling of its ergonomic design.


It weighs 1.6 pounds. Light enough compared to Dewalt that weighs 2.3 pounds and Porter that weighs 2.9 pounds. Let me explain something. With a great ergonomic feel on your hand and less weight of 1.9 pounds, you never feel like you have a luggage on your hand.

Best of all, you will be able to do most of your work for an extended period of time without fatigues and despair. That should mean, with less weight, less fatigue, you will be able to do most of your tasks or project with less time.

I mean, nothing beats the possibility that you can do with this heat gun. It is an incredible horsepower that is great choice for professionals and do-it-yourself persons.

The fan speed

“Efficient soft air velocity-increase surface temperature much faster than the convenient hot air heat guns." From Amazon sales page. I had to quote that, because most people don't understand what this mean. And the worst thing, most reviewers will never discuss or even touch on this subject.

Because most of them, haven't used the tool. Now here is what it means.... This heat gun throws out a good amount of hot air. When you plug in on, the amount of revolutions that the fans take, pounds out lots of air.

That is why this heat gun takes a short time to heat up. When you hear somebody tells you that even at a lower temp you are able to do most work. What they are saying is that...the fans speed it great, and throws lots of heat.

That is the explanation.

Best Used For

Once you have known the features, this is the best part. You have to know what you can do with this heat. Otherwise, what would be the point of owning one, if the tool can't do most of the tasks? I will tell you what I have been able to do with it both at home and my workstation.

At 1000 degrees, I have stripped paint with it. I bend PVC and copper pipes with ease. If you do such kind of tasks, I am happy to recommend you this heat gun. At home, I have used this heat gun to shrink wrap birthday gifts and some presents for the family.

The best temperature to do shrink wrapping is 570 degrees, don't go higher than this. During winter, you can use it to defrost frozen pipes. here is one thing that this heat gun wasn't able to do:

That is soldering. It melted my solder. My advice: Don't buy this if you are thinking of soldering your objects. You can buy other heat guns or a soldering gun

What I like (The one thing I fell in love with this heat gun)

There is one feature in this heat gun that deserves a mention. In fact, it is what made me to buy this heat gun. But my dreams were short lived, because of one thing which I will explain in the cons part. I love the fact that this heat gun is light and feel good on your hand. The fan’s speeds also stroke my ego to get this heat gun.

What I didn't like

Let's face it. For the price alone, I don't think this heat gun is worth your investment. For a highly priced heat gun on the market, I would want the following things:

  • A carrying case
  • More accessories to do my job
  • A variable temperature level to give me the right amount of precision when it comes to temperature control.

I am not a hater but that was my honest opinion and it is what I will expect in any highly priced item like a heat gun.

Finale notes

I believe, you have felt my trust in this Milwaukee heat gun review. My job wasn't to give you a smile on your pretty face. My job is to let you see and face the facts once you shell out your dollars to get this heat. I do love the heat gun but I love you enough to tell you the cold hard truth.

David Hanley

I am a contractor. I love my job to the moon and back. I like to try new tools that can ease my work and satisfy my clients. I am not a blogger, am a DIY person who wants to help my fellow friends.