NTE HG 300D Mini Heat Gun Review

Wait a minute!! Before you shell out your hard earned cash... You need to know something about this Mini heat gun. I would like to walk you down to the features right away, but you need to know one thing: This is the best heat gun on market for the buyer that needs to perform small kinds of tasks.

Don't buy this heat gun for large one of kind of projects; they are better heat gun for that. This is a perfect heat gun for home use; let no other heat gun reviews convince you otherwise.

You will waste the only investment you have for something that will not live up to its promise.

Mini Heat Gun

If you still want it, or get the information...Here is a breakdown of what we are going to learn. But, first you need to understand...

The features of This Mini Heat Gun

Here is where you get a feel of whether you want this heat gun. Or choose another tool that will intrigue you enough. My job and aspiration is to bring out the best and the worst so that you can see, if it is something that you can part your cash with. Here they are:

2 fan's speed

You have two speed settings for your convenient. But do you know what that means for your work or task at hand.

Let me explain.

When we talk about a heat gun having two fan speeds, what you need to keep in mind is the revolutions that it goes. The revolutions that fan rotates will produce enough air, which will result to more heat. And more heat will make you spend less time on the tasks that you are doing.

It wouldn't surprise you that, the Mini heat gun does a better job than the Wagner heat gun or Porter. The two fan speed makes the heat gun release lots of air that can beat the temperature level of some high-end heat gun.

My point:

This feature alone is incredible. It makes this heat gun a horse power that can handle small task within a short period of time.

Two temperature settings

Saying that I like the temperature settings. I would be slapping your face with lies. But here is what I can say. The temperature level that is this heat gun are not that exciting. To handle large tasks. Given that it has two fans speed, with temperature levels, there is nothing that is impossible with this heat gun.

The two fan speed makes this heat gun operate like other high end heat guns that have a high temperature level. The temperature settings that you get with this heat gun are two:

  • Low temperature level starts from +250 and 482 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • High temperature level starts from +350 and 482 degrees.

With two temperature level, I will be happy to say that the heat guns throw out enough heat.

One more thing:

Don't understatement this heat gun, when it comes to temperature level, because lots of work that you will do with a heat gun need low level settings. Unless, you want something that can handle paint stripping, then you will need to look elsewhere.

Self-support and table top

You have to agree with me on thing: This is a unique feature on the market. To the best of knowledge, this is the only company that provides a table top for you to rest your heat gun after use.

350 Watts

350 watts only. Don't let this freak you out. But it tells you something. You will conserve your electric bills. Other heat gun on the market like the DEWALT heat gun uses 1500 watts.

This is expensive in terms of what you will have to pay at the end of the month, if you are working in your station.

The Mini heat gun leaves you with no worries when it comes to electric consumption. If you want t heat guns that is perfect and at the same time makes you conserve your energy. This is the one you should buy.

Weighs 11.2 ounces

How much does a standard book weigh? I don't know, but it is some ounces. The question? Wouldn’t it be nice if you had something that weighs like book instead of having a 2.9 pound heat gun on your hand.

The weight alone, make you operate anything the way you want it. You get the freedom of working with this heat for long time without fatigue and despair. The weight, make this heat gun a nice tool to carry in your tool box or even a small purse.

Cord length

This is a small heat gun. But the one thing that i like...Is that it has long cord. It is 6-feet long. If you are buying this for household use, you won't even need to stand near an electric outlet.

Best of all, you cut back on the need for an extension cord. The cord is thick and well-made. It is something that wouldn't tear and wear. It is a cord that is designed to stay and last long.

Low noise

Noise! Noise! Noise! I bought a heat gun without doing enough research and I ended up with noisy instead of performance. I got a noisy one. It is being a highly priced but the bad news is that I had to live with that fact.

Isn't wonderful that you've got something so small? That it hardly produces noise that even your next neighbor wouldn't know that you have a heat gun.

Best used for

Now the best part. Most home users who have bought this gun say the same thing: It is a vital tool if you are the kind of person that deals with wires. You can use it to shrink all the wires that you have.

When it comes to soldering plumbing joints, this heat gun does a nice work.

Thanks to the low temperature level and the fact that it has nice nozzles that makes it possible for a person to concentrate heat in one place. You can still use to dry paint, but not strip, because it will need high temperature for that.

With a low temperature level, you can soften adhesives like removing stickers and label on the product. As you have seen, all these are small tasks that the heat gun can do. It is not designed for large project. I would recommend buying this heat gun for home use alone.

Nothing else.

Things that I like

The old heavy-duty guns are becoming extinct. It is only a matter of time and improvement in technology before we see the next big thing in this industry. I love the fact this heat gun weighs less and was designed for home use, without having to walk around with something that weighs like a new born baby. It is a stylish blue color heat gun that has no match in the market.

Things that I don't like

Guys, let's face one fact. However, how much I love this tool; I wouldn't recommend it for professional use. You can't work with this heat gun for long. It is a weak heat gun for long usage.

But I will be happy to tell you that, you should buy it, if you need something to work with in the kitchen. I don't like the way it tilts on the sideways. I don't know if anyone is having this problem or it is me alone.

Final notes

That is all. It is an improvement from the large heavy-duty heat gun. It is only a matter of time before we get something that is robust and sturdy That is what I thought you should know about the mini heat gun.

If it was intriguing enough, then you can get it. If not, I also have some other heat gun review, which you can read and choose the best heat gun for your ideal situation.

David Hanley

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