Porter Cable Heat gun PC1500HG 1500-Watt Review

Looking for the best heat gun on the market? I won't tell you that the Porter cable heat gun is the best. But my job is to tell you why other contractors like me are so intrigued about its superb performance and functionality. If you have scoured the internet and read heat gun reviews, you will get lots of options and ideas that will make you select the gun. But, I wrote this article to show what is possible and ideal with the porter cable heat gun.

My job is not to sell you this heat gun. No, but to show you the experience that you "gonna" have when you shell out your cash for this heat gun. Its closest competitor is the Wagner heat gun 0503008, Milwaukee and Dewalt heat gun. I am a fan of this heat gun. But today I want to show where the porter cable heat guns, cuts through the noise and crowns itself as a leader in the industry. Okay, let roll the ball.

Porter Cable Heat gun

Features of This Porter Cable Heat gun

Looking at its features, there is a lot to say. First, it is not something that I will compare to my favorite tool the Wagner heat gun 0503008 or Dewalt. Its stand out well when it comes to its performance and use. I will walk you through the few basic features that you are going to love with this heat gun.

Variable temperature settings

In the market, you will see that most heat guns have dual or two temperature settings for you to do most of your work. But, here is where the porter cable heat gun becomes an icing of the cake. It has variable temperature levels and settings, meaning that you can adjust its temperature settings to any levels that you want. The temperature level makes this perfect tool to do any job without worrying too much.

The disadvantage of having a dual temperature level is that the heat gun will always take a long time to cool. And sometimes, it will take you longer to finish a job that requires a high temperature level. You always have no option but you the two. This is not possible with variable temperature level heat guns.

Two fan speeds for excellent performance

This feature lacks in some of the high-end heat guns like the Wagner. The beauty about the two fan speed setting is that it makes possible for you to determine the amount of air flow that the heat gun should throw. When you combine the two fan speed feature and variable temperature level. And let says you work on the high settings mode, the result is excellent work done in a short period of time.

If you want to see a proof of this in action. Take the Wagner or any other heat gun, then compare it to this heat gun. Look at the seconds and minute each heat gun takes to finish the work. You will notice that the Porter cable heat gun becomes the winner.

In fact, the main reason why this heat gun selling fast on Amazon is because of its excellent unmatched performance at work. Any contractor worth his salt won't miss to tell you why this heat gun is a killer horsepower at work.

Heating capability

In this department, this heat gun does well. It is capable of igniting 1500 watts that delivers a high amount of heat at different fan settings and temperature levels. This solves the problem that most contractors had earlier of pulling back the heat gun to get the best amount heat.

6 inches thick grade power cord

You get the right length that you won't need to shell a few dollars just to buy yourself an extension cord. Well, I have to tell you that if you are working on a large project, the length of this cord won't be enough. Like most contractors with large project, you will need a heavy duty extension cord to manage the task at hand.

But, if you are buying it mainly for household use, then you don't have to worry about the length of the cord. The 6 inch cord is robust enough to draw much power from an electric outlet.

Ergonomic design and shape

Comes with better grip for you so that you can hold it with one hand. During operation, you won't experience the tool slipping or sliding on your hand. With a prestigious gun like this, you work will be simple, because the design and shape alone, is perfect for that handymen or contractor that has a knack for working for an extended period of time.

Integrated hook and flat surface support

It features a well-integrated hook that makes it easy for you to hang the heat gun. So that you can store it well. The design of the flat-bottom surface makes the heat gun stand on its own in an upright position without tipping or rolling over. The fact that it has a well-made bottom surface will make you work on the project in between while you let the heat gun rest on the surface.

Best used for

When it comes to performance, we can't deny one fact: The dual fan speed and variable temperature are a nice couple to deliver quality work in a shorter period of time. For that reason, this heat gun is capable of doing heavy duty construction work like stripping old paints, bending copper and PVC pipes, removing adhesives and welding and molding pipes.

If your job involves any of those tasks listed above, then I don't see why you wouldn't shell some few dollars and get this hybrid heat gun.

Things I like

You have reached this far. And I believe you know what I like. It is the two features that it has. There is nothing in the market like two fan speed settings and variable temperature. If you are a stud, you can work at a high level and rest assured that you would complete even the hardest task within minutes if not hours.

Its thick cord also deserves a mention. It is heavy-duty and draws more power to get the work done.

Things I don't like

I have to agree that most of my friends love it. But it is just one feature that makes this heat gun not one of my favorite tools. It weighs 2 pounds. This is a lot weight, given that I will have to be resting my arm after some time. The heat gun also tilts on the side way. I don't know if others have experienced this before.

When it comes to weight, I would consider buying the Wagner heat gun, because I am able to work on a project for a long time. The weight won't be a big issue, especially if you get used to it after a couple of few weeks.

If you look at the design of the heat gun, I have to say that it doesn't have the best attractive design. But I will have to admit one fact: this is a high quality heat gun on the market.

Final notes

Is the Porter cable heat gun the best heat gun? I wouldn't say that. But the heat gun has robust thought out of the box features that make it a super heat gun for professional contractors. It is able to do more work at a very short period of time, thanks to the features that it has.

Personally, I won't hesitate to tell you that this heat gun is not match for Milwaukee or Wagner. Not because am a huge fan, but because of its impeccable performance. That only makes it something that every contractor and handymen outside there wouldn't miss in their toolbox.

Apart from this review, there are other reviews where I go into great details explaining the nuts and bolts. So that you can narrow down your choice and selection of the best heat gun that will meet most of your needs. Here is the article: https://bestheatguns.com/

David Hanley

I am a contractor. I love my job to the moon and back. I like to try new tools that can ease my work and satisfy my clients. I am not a blogger, am a DIY person who wants to help my fellow friends.

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