Surebonder Pneumatic 22G Narrow Crown Upholstery Staple Gun

The Surebonder upholstery staple gun has a sturdy construction, compact and lightweight. The 22 Gauge Narrow Crown Upholstery Stapler uses 5/8", 5/16", 7/16", 3/8", and 1/2" leg length staples on a 3/8" crown.

The size dimension is 3 x 11 x 9 inches and weighs only 2.95 pounds. Similarly, the pneumatic stapler tool is easily portable and has a magazine that holds 100 staples.

It is suitable for cabinet work, automotive vinyl, upholstery applications, roofing felt, insulation, and many more DIY applications. More so, the pneumatic tool is fitted with a safety latch; when activated in a lock position, the trigger is inactive. This safety feature prevents nails from accidentally misfiring.

Features Of This Staple Gun

Suitable pressure: It takes between 60 to 100 PSI as the suitable pressure to operate this machine. As such, large compressor pressure is not needed to get the best output from the air-powered Upholstery Staple Gun.

A wide range of staples: The 3/8" Crown Staple Gun uses a wide range of leg length staples. Operators don't have to restrict their usage to one type of staple. The compatible leg length staples are; 5/8" 5/16", 1/2", 7/16", and 3/8". To get the best output from this staple gun, use the 300-series Surebonder staples.

Safety mechanism: To forestall any form of accidental misfiring, the Staple Gun uses the safety latch mechanism. When the safety latch is closed, the trigger becomes inactive. But then the latch is out of its safe position; the tool is ready to fire, and accidentally misfires.

Quick release magazine: The loading chamber of the Surebonder air-powered Stapler Gun has a capacity of 100 staples. For an operator to have an easy loading, the tool has been fitted with a quick release magazine feature. There is no time wasting when you use this staple machine gun.

Additional accessories: With the Upholstery Stapler Gun comes to a high impact molded carrying case; one can of pneumatic oil, Allen wrench. What you will need to purchase or hire is the air compressor machine that is needed to power the 22 Gauge Narrow Crown Upholstery Stapler Gun.


  1. The product dimensions of 3 x 11 x 9 inches, and a lightweight of 2.95 pounds makes this device portable as an operator's handy tool.
  2. The external material makes a sturdy construction, and its scratch resistant. More so, the tool is fitted with a plastic grip handle with a quarter-sized male quick release connector.
  3. The operator doesn't need to carry a large compressor about; with an output pressure of 60 to 100 PSI from a compressor, you will have a smooth operation with this device.
  4. Once your loading chamber is filled, all you need is a quicker release of staples. That's because the magazine capacity is for 100 staples of different sizes (5/8", 5/16", 7/16", 3/8", and 1/2" leg length staples on a 3/8" narrow crown).


  1. The product label and instruction manual that comes with this Air-powered 22 Gauge Narrow Crown Upholstery Stapler Gun is contradictory. The description online says the staple gun “Drives 3/8" Crown," but in reality the tool drives 3/8" 'narrow' crown staples. What this means is that the device will not readily shoot the regular T50 3/8" staples.

Final Note

When you purchase the Air-powered 22 Gauge Narrow Crown Upholstery Stapler Gun; it's time to start firing, but don't accidentally misfire. Add a few drops of oil in the staple gun, at the air connection point. When your loading chamber runs out of staples, add oil as instructed and a row of staples for more efficiency.

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