Unicatch USC71/16L Long Nose Upholstery Stapler 22 Gauge

The air-powered Long Nose Upholstery Stapler is fitted with a safety device that prevents accidental firing. More so, the Pneumatic Staple Gun is suitable for all upholstery applications, roofing felt, and many other works that involve DIY binding.

This stapling gun comes with 3/8" crown and works with compressors operating with outputs of 55 to 100 PSI. What is unique about this product is that not much pneumatic pressure is needed for the device to function.

More so, this is one of the best staple guns for upholstery which has a large capacity magazine with space for 178 nails. The stapling gun has a smart design for quick release of nails and easy loading.

Features Of This Unicatch USC71/16L Stapler

Safety device: The pneumatic Long Nose Upholstery Stapler comes with a safety feature that prevents accidental discharge of nails. The buyers of this product must understand that it is an easy loading and quick firing upholstery machine that is powered by air pressure.

That's why the manufacturers have fitted the device with a mechanism to protect the operator. The mechanism is a safety lock that prevents a trigger when it's is in a safe position.

High capacity loading: The stapling gun has a bottom loading magazine with a capacity of 178 nails. Also, the loading magazine is designed for quicker reloading and restriction of obstacles like debris and foreign bodies from the chamber.

Compressor power: The Long Nose Upholstery Stapler is powered by air pressure, but operators don't need a big compressor in achieving this. The machine functions efficiently with a little air-pressure of between 55 to 100 PSI.

Staple length: The upholstery stapler has a 22-gauge 3/8" crown long nose and uses staples that have sizes ranging from 5/32" to 5/8" long. The long nose that this device comes with ensuring that it reaches the deep-seated spots that require stapling. Apart from the staple length, another notable feature is the 10 x 6 x 2 inches size of this device that allows portability.

Sturdy design: The pneumatic Long Nose Upholstery Stapler is made of sturdy design, lightweight material of 2.55 pounds. When the air-powered stapling machine is used, operators don't need large space for storage.


  1. This version of Upholstery Stapler inferior to others that have sight glasses to track the number of staples that are left.


  1. The chamber has a high nail capacity of 178. With a fully loaded chamber, work can go on smoothly for the operator without loading any time soon.

    Operators of this pneumatic stapling gun only need between 55 to 100 PSI to use the stapling gun.

    To prevent accidental firing; this device is fitted with a safety latch that protects the operator, and everyone around. When the safety latch is activated, the trigger will not function.

    The sturdy construction of this device carries a rubber grip handle and a long nose for easy use. The materials used to craft this machine are of high quality that ensures it's durable and rugged.

    The upholstery stapler has a dimension of 10 x 6 x 2 inches and weighs 2.55 pounds. It has a 22-gauge 3/8" crown that fits staples with sizes ranging from 5/32" to 5/8" length.

Final Note

The air-powered Long Nose Upholstery 22 Gauge 3/8" Crown Staple Gun is perfect for but not limited to various upholstery applications, cabinet work, insulation, paneling, furniture, and many other crafts.

Operators don't need any special set up for this DIY product that needs pressure operation of 55 to 100 PSI. Do you require a fast nail-driving machine that is safe to use? This device comes with a safety latch that prevents its trigger from engaging, and a rubber grip handle that is convenient to ensure smooth operation.

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