Black And Decker HG 1300 Variable Temperature Heat Gun Review

At least we agree on one thing. If you want a horsepower that gets jobs done in a minute, you can't go wrong with a variable temperature heat gun. It is a nicely heat gun designed to handle any work bit at home or your workplace. The Black and Decker heat gun deserves a mention and this is what we are going to focus today. I want to dictate my experience and frustration the first time I used this tool in my construction work place. Whether it is the best or worst heat gun... that one is not for me to judge.

I want to show you the things that this heat gun can do for you. And if it is meets your expectation. Then I would be happy when you tell me your experience with this heat gun in one of your emails.

In this article, you will learn a couple of things that would make sense to you as a buyer. Plus the things that sucks in the Black and Decker heat gun. Okay, let's go.

Variable Temperature Heat Gun

Features Of This Variable Temperature Heat Gun

There is one thing we all can't deny. The Black and Decker Company make powerful quality tools that supersede the customer's satisfaction in the market. In fact, the main reason why I wanted to use their heat gun... Is the good experience I have had with their hedge trimmers and cordless power tools that they have on the market like. And so I thought, their heat gun is great. Okay, here are some of its features.

Temperature level

This is one of the best heat guns on the market, thanks to the variable temperature control it has. That means one thing to you as a buyer: You are able to adjust the temperature to the level that you need when you are working on a project. Doing this will lessen the time you spent on projects. Second, you will know the temperature range for certain task that is not listed on the manual.

This is a great advantage to you... The temperature readings are calibrated on the devices to make it easy for you to adjust the level that you want. The lowest level range runs from 100 degrees to 750 degrees while the highest level range runs from 750 to 1000 degrees.

The good thing about this heat gun

The lower setting makes it possible for you to do any tasks...that you don't to use to much temperature. That means you will be paying less on electricity bills.

Ergonomic hand feels design

Looking at the gun alone, the design is not impressive. I get it. Okay, you are thinking that it has an awkward feel on the hands? That is what I felt the first time a saw this heat gun on the market. But when I bought, I realized that I was wrong. The Black and Decker heat gun feel ergonomic in your hand.

The feel is great. There is much grip so that you don't feel like the heat gun slipping and sliding on your hand. You won't even feel the tilt of the heat gun on the side way when working. When it comes to weight, I am happy to say that, here the company did a great job. It is so light. That means, you won't feel like you are carrying a luggage on your work.

And so you know, this feature makes it possible for you to work on the project for extended period of time without feeling a pinch of fatigue.

British thermal unit and watts

Let me shade light on something that you need to be aware as a contractor. In the past, I have seen variable temperature heat gun running from 800 to 2000 degrees, but when I looked at the BTU alone. I was shocked. The BTU was 3000 BTU. Because I was impressed with the temperature level, I bought the power tool. During my regular work, I noted a huge difference. I took longer to do the task. My point.

When buying a heat gun look at all the features, especially the temperature levels and BTUs. Because a higher BTU means that the heat gun can draw in much energy that would make you do the work in less in time. If you find a heat gun that has high temperature level and lower BTUs, then you need to think twice about buying that heat gun.

For the Black and Decker heat gun...its BTU is 4,600 and it uses 1375 Watts. Which means this a great horsepower that would make you smile at the end every project that you finish.

Built-in kickstand

It has a well-built kickstand. That means when you are done with or you want to rest, you can place it on an upright position and it wouldn't fall or roll down.


Do you know one thing about heat guns that is annoying? I will tell you. They have a shorter life span of one and a half a year. Well, I know you are guessing what am going to say next. I won't tell you that the black and decker heat guns last long. But if you use and maintain it, you can stay with this heat gun for two years. The Company made this heat gun to last longer that is why am happy to say that it is a quality heat gun.


How much dollars can you shell out for this tool? Here is the answer. Like other Black and Decker products, the heat gun price is standard. It is not something that is out of reach for most home users.

Nozzle options

This something that deserves a mention on this heat gun. You can remove the black collar of this heat gun and put the different nozzle attachment to it. That is beneficial because you will be able to work on different projects that require different nozzle attachment without you buying an extra heat gun.

Best Used For

A lot can be done. You can work on big project like stripping paint. You don't have to kill yourself by using those toxic solvent chemicals. This a better a heat gun to that person that likes softening adhesives. And for those of you who like soldering can still use this heat gun. All you need to do is for you to change the main nozzle and use spoon reflector nozzle.

Things I like

The one thing that I love with this heat gun. Gets hot instantly and blows a steady stream of hot air, making it easy to do the jobs you have in seconds. Unlike other heat guns, you don't have to wait for less say 5 minutes. The heat gun has a rubber cover, which serves the role of protecting the switch from moisture.

Bottlenecks(Things I wish the company would have done)

Am happy that this heat guns heats up fast, but am also disappointed because it takes 20 to 30 minutes to cool. I wish it had a cool down feature so that it cools fast or it cuts down the time it takes to cool. For those of you, who are curious like me, never touch the chrome of this heat gun. You will regret it, because it is super-hot and it can burn you.

Final Notes

You have now seen the possibility that a variable temperature heat gun has. The question is...will it be in your toolbox. If you want another in-depth heat gun review like this. Where I discuss lots of tool like the Milwaukee, Dewalt and some other heat guns, you can look into our home page.

My job as a reviewer is not to sell heat guns...but to show their heating capabilities, the awesome features and the design that they have. So that in the end, you make nothing but the right decision.

David Hanley

I am a contractor. I love my job to the moon and back. I like to try new tools that can ease my work and satisfy my clients. I am not a blogger, am a DIY person who wants to help my fellow friends.