Wagner Heat Gun 0503008 HT1000 1200-Watt Review

The Wagner heat gun is a popular choice for most handymen, contractors and DIYers. It stands out as the best-selling heat gun on various eCom sites. that has the best customer satisfaction ratings. Bottom line: It is a heat gun that has broken record and stood out to face other sturdy heat guns like the Porter and Milwaukee.

Its heating capability is impeccable and does a nice, good job of performing most tasks in a short period of time. If you are thinking of buying a heat gun.

At least put the Wagner heat gun 0503008 into your consideration. Does this heat gun meet the tests to be the heat gun that does all the heating applications? That is what this article is about.

Not to sell you this stuff, but to educate yourself so that, you see if it is something that will meet most of your needs. Let's get started.

Wagner Heat Gun review

Features I Loved of This Wagner Heat Gun

I can't say it has some of the best features possible. Or its functionality is better. In fact, there are other features that I wish the company would have included. I am a big fan of Wagner products, but I won't hesitate to tell the fluke that they have in their product. Because in the end, I want to give you 100% verified information so that you only buy the best heat gun that would be efficient and effective to do most of the work

Wagner Heat Gun review

I want only to show you what is possible and what is noteworthy when it comes to using the Wagner heat gun. I will just explore a few of the features that I think will matter to you during your work.

Temperature setting

Now this is good...but not something that is better, because there are better heat gun that have variable temperature. On a scale of 1 to 10, I will give the Company 5 out of 10 on this one. The Wagner heat gun 0503008 has dual temperature settings. That is two sets of temperature mode.

It has the lowest temperature settings at 750 degrees and the highest temperature settings at 1,000 degrees. Now, with this heat gun you will be able to do most of the work at a lower temperature setting because there is much heat. If you want to change to any temperature settings, you will see a switch located on the handle.

British thermal Unit(BTU)

Most handymen that buy a heat gun miss to understand this one single one thing. At one time, somebody asked me… what is a BTU? And does it matter when it comes to choosing a heat gun? Yes, it matters. BTU determines how efficiently the heat gun is. As you can see the Wagner 0503008 has 4,100 BTU.

That means it can get the job done much faster without leaving anything behind. If you work with paint like me, you will notice, it leaves no paint behind. You have to know that the more BTUs a heat gun has, the more horsepower it has to perform its job efficiently. Here I would give the Wagner heat gun 0503008, 8 out of 10 ratings.

Less weight and better grip on your hand

It is only 1.9 pounds and it measures 16.5*17*9.8". Those are better dimension that will enable you to hold the tool on a single hand with much precision. It is so light, that you won't feel like you are holding a heavy object in your hand. I have to tell you that the heat gun has a better ergonomic design that offers better grip on your hand.

The grip alone will make you work for extended hours without you feeling that you should take a rest. Most of all, your hand won't feel tired with much heat intensity at a high temperature. I have tried to work with this heat gun at 900 degrees and I will tell you that. It works awesome. You won't feel it tilt on the side ways like other heat guns.

Less noise. No ear plugs

It is not like a hair dryer. It produces less noise. You can talk with the other person easily on the other end. The less noise means you won't need ear plugs on.

Hook and surface stand

At the end of the handle there is a hanging hook. Well, this means that you will can store it in a well-secured place out of reach for children. It also ensures that the heat gun doesn't drop down easily. You will also note that the heat gun has a surface stand. After you are through with it, you can place it on the surface facing an upright position so that it doesn't tip or roll over.

Benefits of buying this heat gun

This is a Perfect heat gun that is worth every single penny you have. It is the right choice even for those that have limited budget. It has a long-lasting, durable structure. That means you will enjoy working with this heat gun for years. Best of all, the company gives you an ironclad warranty just in case you are not satisfied with the product. But after using the product you won't experience any defect.

Looking at nozzle, you will see that the Wagner Company designed it so that it corrosion-resistant. To prevent the nozzle from rust.

Best used for

There are a couple of tasks that this heat gun can do, both at home and professional use. At a higher temperature setting you are able to use this heat gun to perform tasks like: You will be able to use this heat gun to bend and shape PVC pipes. I have tried it, it works fine.

You are also able defrost frozen pipes. But you need to be careful because, if you direct too much heat, it can make the pipes to be broken. To remove old layers of paint with these heat guns. It took me a few seconds, to remove 10 years old layers of paint from my client's house.

Things that I like

This is the most robust heat gun on the market. At a low setting, you can do most of the work. This will save you lots of energy cost. With this heat gun, it will take you less than 10 seconds for it to heat up at a low setting.

With this heat gun you can conveniently adjust the heating mode, thanks to the two fan speed settings.

Things that I don't like

After you have used the heat gun, it takes longer time to cool. Like you will need to wait for 5 minutes longer, especially if you have been using it at higher temperature settings. If you are going to work on small device like phone or watches. Forget it. You will destroy them, because the heat gun does not do a better job. If you are not careful, you may damage the phone.

Final note

You got it all. The question that you are thinking: Should I buy the Wagner heat gun? Well, here is the answer? I don't know, but here is what I know From my own experience as a contractor, I have been able to do most of my job with ease.

I love the ergonomic design and shape of this heat gun. If my friend asked me whether they should buy this heat gun. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend it. It handles lots of projects. The only thing that I wish the company would have included in the heat gun is the cool down system. Because it takes pretty long time to heat gun.

If you are interested in reading other reviews where I dictate my experience with them. I have a long in-depth tutorial and guide about it : https://bestheatguns.com/.

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