What Is Heat Gun For Crafts

You think that a heat gun can be used only for stripping paint and other things. You are wrong. You can use a heat gun for crafts. A heat gun makes doing craft job much easier. Today, I want to show you what is possible with a heat gun when it comes to this type of work.

Heat Gun For Crafts

If you are a craftsman, am also going to show the safety tips that you need to adhere to so that you avoid danger. Because, this is an electrical tool and safety is your most important thing to keep in mind when you are working.

To separate millinery flowers

A vintage millinery hat has glue. And getting rid of this glue is difficult. So what is the solution? You need to soften the glue so that it can release the flower bloom. You do that by heating the hard glue using a heat gun, so that it can soften.

Then you can use it to create different kinds of cottage style-craft items. The millinery flowers can also be used to create and decorate antique-inspired crafts. Additionally, this millinery flower can be separated by running a heat gun across to release the glue that holds the flower together.

To melt the embossing powder

A heat makes it easier for a craft pundit to create powerful images with visual appeal through the process of embossing. Now you may be wondering, what is heat embossing? In a layman terms, this process includes using a rubber stamp and embossing powder.

So here is what you do:

Pounce a craft rubber stamp onto an embossing ink pad. Sprinkle the powder over the rubber stamp. Any excess powder should be removed. With a heat gun, melt the powder. As you heat the powder, the rubber stamp starts raising a pattern for a craft item that produces good images.

To create a stylish silverware

Do you have that old or vintage silverware at home? Well, you can style them to beautiful shape with a heat gun. Here is a brief process of what you can do:

  • Take new or old silverware and drill a hole in their handles.
  • Then take a heat gun and heat the middle of the handles for one minute.
  • After that, with a heat resistant glove, you can bend the silverware into desirable shape like that you want.

To make decorative candles

You know the process of decorating candles. It can be tedious if don't have a heat gun to ease the process. Here is a brief explanation on how you can do:

  • You will need a napkin design, a pair of scissors, gloves and a heat gun.
  • You need to choose a napkin design that can match with your decor or style that you want.
  • Start by peeling the top layer of the napkin. Take a pair of scissors and cut the image that you want from the napkin.
  • Then, with glue, use it to stick the napkin design onto the candle.
  • After, you have done that, take a heat gun and run it across the candle until its wax seeps into the surface. So that it covers the design.

Those are the four ways you can use the heat gun for crafts, but its application are many. Now it is time, you learned how to protect yourself from danger.

Heat gun safety

In this section, there are a few safety tips that you need to adhere to so that you work professionally with a heat gun. Most of these safety tips are easy to follow. Here they are:

Read the manufacturer's manual

The manual has a lot. But, you won't be surprised it is the most ignored safety tips. Because most people are bored with reading. But in the manual you will find a couple of things that am going to name.

First, you will get the temperature level for different tasks. If you are going to do something like paint stripping, you will get the desired temperature level that you need to operate with.

Now the question is, what if the my task is not listed in the manual? Well, you need to start small. That means, start with a low temperature level and work your way up to the best temperature level that can get the work done.

Second, check if the electric outlet can draw in lots of electric energy to power the heat gun. Not every electric outlet can produce the same amount of watts that the heat gun need.

Third, know the material that you are working on. Is it something that is flammable or inflammable? If you have doubts about that, never do it.

Wear the correct gear

You need a respiratory mask to protect you from inhaling toxic fumes that may be dangerous for your health. A heat-resistant glove that can protect your hands to from getting hurt. You also need goggles that can protect your eyes. This is vital, especially if you are operating at high temperature levels. Finally, you need to refrain from loose clothing. Loose clothes can catch fire.


Before you start any work, you need to make sure that the area is ventilated. That means, the windows and doors are opened. You also need to make sure that there is no flammable material in the room. The best place to work with a heat gun is always outside.

A fire extinguisher

You need it in the event of fire. Never put anything in the nozzle or your hand when the heat gun is on. After you are done with it, always wait for the heat gun to cool for sometime before you store it.

There is a lot that you can do with a heat gun for crafts. What I have given you is just a tip of the iceberg on what is common. Any craftsman would tell you how useful this tool is. If you need the best heat gun for crafts, we have an in-depth reviews and expert analysis for you.

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