Heat Gun Safety Tips – You Should Know Before Use

This is what you need to know. These are high-powered tools. Their heat capabilities can cause fire. Because of that you have to know the heat gun safety tips. It is true that the flames from the heat gun are not real, but let us not forget one thing. It can be dangerous if not handle well. A heat gun is not like any other tool in your toolbox. With a high temperature setting of about 13000F, any accident is possible.

The good news is that any of these accidents can be avoided by simply following the right safety tips. If you do a large scale project, I believe you know the different types of heat gun.

And these types have different instructions which you must adhere to.

Heat Gun Safety

But today, I want to educate you on the general safety rules that apply to all safety guns.

Wear protective gear

What I do mean by a protective gear? If it is gloves, it doesn't mean any gloves. I had a friend who went on to buy a flammable glove and when he was using the a heat gun, he nearly burned his hand. If not for his wife and the nearby fire extinguisher, it would be a different case now.

Heat Gun Safety Tips

So here is what you need: You need a heat-resistant glove to protect your hands from misdirected blasts of hot air emitted by the nozzles.

If you do lots of paint stripping, you will need a respiratory mask. Again, not just any mask. The keyword: respiratory mask that will prevent you from inhaling toxic dangerous fumes.

Wear protective goggles that will shield your eyes from heat. Never work with loose clothing. When you have a fan or wind around, loose clothes catch fire easily.

If you are a man, make sure that your long-sleeve shirt is buttoned and cuffed. Because it can flap and catch fire easily.

Location area

You workspace needs to be ventilated. That means, the doors and windows need to be opened. If you are not going to work indoors, then you need to work outside. Most people that have work space open their doors and windows and then they think that is over.

You also need to make sure that your workspace is free from flammable materials and objects.

Best Heat Gun Safety

Before you start using the heat gun

Here is where most people forget. Now before you even think of using the heat gun, you need to verify your power source. You have to know if the plug can draw lots of power to handle the work. If you are going to use an extension cord, then it needs to be a chord that is rated 10-amp or higher. It has to be a heavy duty gauge wire, but less than 100 feet.

Second, if you have doubts about the material that you will be working on. It is better to start the project. Time to time, you will meet materials that have unquestionable status. This material may be heat-resistant or they have some chemical material that can cause fire.

Third, you need to have a fire extinguisher nearby just cause, the fire start. Materials such as wood shaving or sawdust that are on the surface you are working must be removed outside or kept away. Otherwise, they will cause a fire.

Finally, you also need to check the required temperature settings for working on a material or object. This will help you achieve better results in your work.

And prevent you from damaging the material that you are working on. It is so easy to forget this tip and simply use a heat gun at blast. Once, you have a green light check on these 4 things, you can begin working with the heat gun.

More Heat Gun Safety Tips

A heat gun should never be used on lead-based paint since they release toxic fumes that can harm your respiratory glands. When you are working on project with heat gun. Always maintain a 45 degree angle. You must also not direct the heat gun on an object few seconds long, because it will cause scorching.

Most DIY persons will use a heat gun in place of soldering gun. I will agree that soldering guns are a bit expensive compared to heat guns. But care needs to be taken. Because you can melt the solder, which can weaken the pipes and make them loose their strength.

Children, pets, pregnant moms need be away from the working area. Otherwise the fume emitted from the material you are working on, can hurt their respiratory glands.

Although, it is not a safety requirement. You must be 100% focused when using heat. Any distractions can make you burn yourself or direct lots of heat to an area when you are not supposed to and this can cause damage.

You must also use the heat gun as recommended by the manufacturer. Never use the heat gun to roast things like coffee beans. Always adhere to the manufacturer's instructions so that you avoid the chances of overheating the surface you are working on.

Heat gun care and maintenance

After you have used the heat gun, give it 1 to 5 minutes for it to cool before storing it. Most heat guns come with a kickstand to prevent from tipping over. Make sure you place it on the surface correctly so that it does not fall or roll. The attachment nozzles and outer surface need to be cleaned on a regular basis. So that they don't accumulate dust.

They are different nozzles that are meant to perform a specific task. Only use a specific nozzle for the object. A glass protector nozzle must not be used in the place of fishtail nozzle. You need to store the heat gun in a cold, dry place away from flammable gases.

You only need this basic few heat gun safety tips to avert dangers and accident that may happen. I have a heat gun at home, so I have taken a few tips from my manual. If you want to buy a new heat gun, you can read our kick-buster heat gun reviews. I hope this article was helpful.

David Hanley

I am a contractor. I love my job to the moon and back. I like to try new tools that can ease my work and satisfy my clients. I am not a blogger, am a DIY person who wants to help my fellow friends.

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