Different Types Of Heat Guns Explained

The choice of work that you do will depend on the types of heat guns. The uses of heat gun are many. But many DIY persons forget to choose the best heat gun that can meet their expectations. Here in this article, I want to answer a couple of questions for you concerning the different kinds of heat guns.

Details Of Every Type Of Heat Gun

In the end, you will know which types of heat guns you want. But most, importantly you will learn about the functionality of each of category of heat gun. Plus, the kind of tasks that it can handle. I have to admit, that they are certain type of this tool that you don't need. Here is the breakdown of various categories.

Electric Heat Gun

types of heat guns

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Their source of fuel is electricity. They can either be corded or cordless. But most heat guns come with a power cord. The temperature range and size vary. And it will depend on the manufacturer.

They are popular heat guns for crafts, household, and industrial needs. In the market, you will find that we have small and large electrical heat guns.

If your work depends on crafting, shrink wrapping, softening substances, then you will need a shorter electric heat gun. If you want to handle sizable projects like removing large areas of paints, then you need a large heat gun that has more horsepower. Other uses of electric heat guns include: bending PVC materials, melting wax and so on.

How an electric heat gun works

Inside an electric heat gun they are two things that enhance its operation: a fan and a heating element. When you switch it on, the fan starts rotating. The rotation pulls out the air that passes through the heating element. What comes out of the nozzle is a stream of hot air, that is directed onto the surface of an object. When you change or adjust the temperature, you increase or reduce the temperature of the heating element.

The reason why it takes time to cool is that, even after you have turned it off. The fan and the heating element take time to cool down. You might have noted that it works the same as a hair dryer, but the difference is that a heat gun delivers high temperature.

Gas powered heat gun

The two gases that are used here either butane or propane gas. The temperature capabilities vary on the size and model of the tool. Gas powered heat gun can be used for heavy duty project like welding or heavy duty construction jobs like in the large manufacturing industry. Most industries will use gas powered heat guns than electric hot air heat gun.

Because, they deliver more power, speed up operation and less time is spent on tasks. For example, gas powered heat gun, allows for quicker, easier shrinking effect than an electric hot air gun.

Second, the gas powered heat gun is cheap when it comes to cost. Electric hot air gun on the long run will pile up bills. I have given praise so much on the gas powered heat gun, but it has its own limitation.​​​​

Gas powered heat gun

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From time to time, you will face the risk of fires in the event that you have naked wires. Gas powered heat guns are not used in industry alone; you can still use them at home.

Infrared heat guns

Infrared heat guns

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They use infrared heat instead of hot air. This kind of heat gun come with a low temperature level of between 400 to 600 degrees. This kind of heat gun is perfect for those that deal with small kind of project.

And they don't want to avoid the risks that come with inhaling toxic fumes from substances such as lead. Just like gas powered heat guns, they are cheap. With just a couple of dollars you can find yourself the best infrared heat gun that you can use at home.

Industrial heat gun

From the name alone, you will realize that this kind of heat guns is used in the industries. They are meant to do large, heavy duty jobs.

Their temperature capabilities will also vary on the size and power. They are capable of doing heavy-duty jobs in building, mass retail, packaging, engineering and automotive repair.

Industrial heat gun

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Professional contractors also use industrial heat guns to do large work like stripping old paint from large area. Industrial heat gun can either be electric or gas powered heat guns.

Choosing a heat gun

First, you have to ask yourself, what are you going to use the heat gun for Because they come with different temperature level, you need something can take care the work that you need. If you are a professional contractor, who deals with large project for clients, you need to buy yourself, either a gas powered heat gun or an electric one.

If you are a DIY person, and you want to use the heat gun in your household, to do simple things like gift shrink wrapping. Then a small electric hot air gun or infrared heat gun will do the magic. What you have to know is that most household work will require a low level temperature.

Cautions when to comes to using heat guns

Always adhere to the safety rules. Although a heat gun doesn't produce real flame, that doesn't mean that it can't start fire. When working on projects, make sure that you have a fire extinguisher nearby. This is important, especially, if you are using the gas powered heat gun. Any leaks can get the whole place burning, because air travels fast.

I hope you now know the difference between these heat guns. What remains is for you to select your pick. Fortunately, we have lots of resources on this site to help you make a decision on the best heat gun to buy in the market. If you have questions and comment, you can leave it below at the end of the article.

Now in the comment below, can you tell me the kind of heat gun you will buy?

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