What Is Electric Heat Gun? Complete Analysis By Expert

Sometimes reading a heat gun review may not make sense, if you actually don't know exactly what is electric heat gun. It has happened to me before. Going to buy something because it is the best without having detailed information on the item. The good news is that am going to start where you are. That is with the basic information that you now know.

What Is Electric Heat Gun

An electric heater works like a hair dryer, the difference is that an electric heat gun serves another function. But the working principle remains the same. The other difference between the two is that an electric heat gun has high temperature levels. Such that what you see coming outside is lots of hot air. That is why you are advised to never use an electric heat gun to dry your hair. Unless, you are looking for a way to burn it.

How an electric heat gun works?

As I said, the working principles of a hair dryer and electric heat gun are the same. Here is how I would briefly describe it? Inside an electric heat gun, they are two things. A heating element and fan. When you put an electric heat gun on, the fans start to rotate.

Giving out a mass volume of air, which then is directed to a heating element? Then air combines with the heat emitted, what you use coming out of the nozzle is the result of that reaction. When you adjust the temperature of the electric heat gun, you are really adjusting the temperature of the heating element.

Best Electric Heat Gun

Features of an electric heat gun

Different electric heat guns will always come with different features. But here I want to show you the common features that you will find in most heat guns.

  • Dual temperature: That means that the heat gun comes with two temperature settings.
  • Variable temperature: This is a hybrid electric heat gun, which comes with lots of temperature level, from low to high and high to low. This is the most expensive electric heat gun.
  • Surface stand: This is a feature that makes it easy for an electric heat gun to stand in the upright position without rolling or tipping over.
  • Thermal cut off: This feature makes it possible for the electric heat gun to shut off automatically when it is overheating.
  • Ergonomic design: That means that the gun provides much grip on your hand so that you can catch easily.
  • Hook: Allows hanging for storage.

Types of electric heat guns

They are two types of electric heat guns. There is a small gun for doing simple projects at home. And there is a large electric heat gun for doing bigger projects.

Electric Heat Gun

Things that an electric heat gun can do

Lots of things can be accomplished with this tool. I want to just go through simple projects that you can carry out at home with an electric heat gun.

  • To repair pipes or metal: You can use an electric heat gun to mold and weld things into desirable shape.
  • To soften substance: There are some substances which, if they touch the floor, they can be difficult to remove. One of them is wax from a candle or super glue. When they land on the surface, they harden fast. And getting them from the floor is hard. When you apply an electric heat gun, it will soften this piss of shitt and they will soften. Making it easier for you remove.
  • To bend copper pipes or PVC: You can use an electric heat gun to bend pipes that would otherwise take you lots of time and energy to do it.
  • To remove label and bumper stickers: If you have lots of stickers on your fridge or vehicle. With a heat gun, you can remove all this with much ease. If you were to do this same operation with hands, you will scratch the whole day. And in the long run, you would have consumed lots of energy and time that would have been directed to something else.
  • To strip paint: You use solvent paint to do the job. They may remove the paint. But they take time; beside you will need lots of them if you are working on a large project. Which can be very expensive if you are a DIY person working on a large project? With an electric heat gun, handling this job will take you a few minutes and not days. After removing all the colors, you can decorate your space the way you want it. You can also use an electric heat gun to remove old pieces of wallpaper.

Electric heat gun safety tips

Like any item that use electric power, you will have to know the safety ground that that you must never breach when you using an electric heat gun.

Use the right temperature level for the right task

On the manufacturer’s manual, there is a list of temperature level for different tasks, from thawing pipes to removing paint. But if your task or project is not listed there. No problem, here is what you are supposed to do.

You need to take an electric heat gun put it on a level and begin working. You should keep on adjusting the temperature level until you find the best one that finishes the task quickly.

Better protective gear

You are dealing with heat. First, you need to protect your eyes. Second, you need to protect your little fingers. Third, you need to protect your respiratory gland. That means, you need goggles, a respiratory mask and gloves. Then tackle the project with confidence.

Well-ventilated location

Unless you are excited about inhaling fumes, its fine. If you don't have a ventilated room, then work outside so that you don't put your health at risk.

That is how simple an electric heat gun is. It has different temperature levels that run from 200 t0 1000 degrees. With a large one taking a temperature level of up to 1400 degrees.

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