Heat Gun Vs Hair Dryer | Can You Use Both In The Same Purpose

Today I want to show the similarities, the functionality and the difference between a heat gun and hair dryer. That is why I named this article the "heat gun vs hair dryer.” To show you lots of detailed information, because most people don't know the difference.

Some think that you can use a heat gun in place of a hair dryer and hair dryer in place of heat gun. But we need to agree on this point that they work the same way.

Quick Check On Heat Gun Vs Hair Dryer 2019

How a heat gun and hair dryer work?

In both of these devices you will find two things a heating coil or element and fan. The fan is powered by a universal motor. When an electric current is ignited. The fan starts to blow, giving out a mass volume of air. The heating coil then produces heat that warms up the air, which then is passed out of the devices.

The reason why a hair dryer does not emit hot air is that it has a low temperature level. That is why it is designed to give off air to help accelerate evaporation of water from your hair. While the heat from a heat gun is designed to melt substances.

Similarities that they have

They all have the same shape and design that resembles a gun. They all use electricity as a source of fuel, but some heat gun uses gas such as butane or propane. They all have come with different nozzles that have unique shapes and designs.

As you have seen, they work on the same principle; the difference is that a heat gun has high temperature levels. Just like a hair dryer, a heat gun has a trigger handle that when it is pressed, it starts to work.

The differences that they have

Just because they work the same, you cannot use the heat gun to dry your hair. It will lead to straightening of the hair.

That is why a hair dryer was designed to give out the same amount of temperature required to evaporate the water from the hair.

Their temperature level varies. A normal hair dryer has a temperature level of 100 degrees to 205 degrees.

While a heat gun has a temperature level of 100 degrees to 1000 degrees. With some heat gun reaching up to 1400 degrees.

A heat gun has a surface stand, to place it in an upright direction so that it does not tip over.

While a hair dryer has none. It only has a cool button that does not produce heat, but lets it give out room temperature.

The temperature levels on the heat gun can easily be adjusted to suit the tasks at hand. You can't do this with a hair dryer.

The situation under which they all work together

Since their functionality is the same, a hair dryer can be used to for crafting. Let say in the decorating of candles...But you will have one problem. It will take you hours and hours to achieve the temperature levels that require you to wax the candle.

While a heat gun will do this type of work in minutes, even seconds, because it has the required temperature levels. When it comes to hair, a hair dryer will score here.

Safety concerns

A hair dryer is less dangerous, all you need to do is to use it properly to dry the hair. A heat gun on the other hand, comes with safety measures that must be followed.

Failure to do that, it can result into fires. If you are thinking of getting yourself a heat gun? Then you will need to adhere to the following safety tips. So that you don't become a victim of fire.

Concentrate on the tasks at hand

When it comes to using a heat gun, your concentration is vital. Not only will you do a better a job, but you will also not cause scorching effect onto the object. The mass volume of hot air produced is enough to burn or melt an object that you are burning.

That is why; it is recommended that you change the direction after a few seconds. Because a heat gun does not have a focused or concentrated heat like a soldering iron. To achieve better results with a heat gun, you need to keep at an angle of 45 degrees when working.

Know the details of the materials you are working on

You can't just use a heat gun on any material. I have seen a DIY person use a heat gun to strip of old paints only for him to breathe in excess chocking fumes from lead. Never use a heat gun on something like lead. It is harmful. Always be careful of the material that you are working on. Is it a flammable or inflammable substance?

Otherwise, fire could blow up your pretty face. So be on the watch on the material that you are using. On the instructional manual, you will know note that different tasks have different temperature level.

Your job is to stick to the manufacturer's instruction and to never exceed that level. If you are working on the object that you are unsure of its level, then you need to start small. By that I mean that you need start operating at a low temperature level, then you can work your way up.

Until you find yourself the best temperature level. You have seen, there is no much difference between a hair dryer and a heat gun. And both of them cannot be used in the place of each other. They all serve a specific function to achieve desirable effect on the object.

Final Thoughts

Now if you are thinking of selecting a heat gun, maybe for your household chore or project. We strongly recommended that you read an in-depth 6000+ words best heat gun review.

That information alone will save you lots of your time and energy on the tool that will work for your situation.

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