Dual Temp Heat Gun Review | Master Appliance HG-751B 750-120V

The question is...Would you shell out your money on this dual temp heat gun? I will not convince you further. I want to show you where the Master appliance heat gun stands on the market.

Its closest competitor is the Mini heat gun. The features and functionality of this heat gun will tell you whether it is something that will meet your expectation or not.

And I feel that it is my job to show you where this tool is great and the where it fails to impress most buyers.

I don't want to sound negative by what I have said, what I know is that there is no perfect product.

Dual Temp Heat Gun

Every product or tools have defects, including the latest iPhone 8 on the market. What remains is that people will buy to try it out. Okay, let look at the basics that you will find in this heat gun.

Features of This Dual Temp Heat Gun

This is the section where you want to be keen, because some features may apply to you. Others won't. Here they are:

Dual temperature control

The heat gun comes with a dual temperature level. You have two level of temperature control. You can either use the 540 or 1000 degrees’ settings to carry your duty.

Now the question is...Who should buy this or what kind of project can you do with this heat gun. There is one thing that you need to know. If you are do large scale project like paint scrapping, you will be much comfortable having this heat gun.

It does the work fine.

For those who do small kind of project, you will enjoy working with this tool.

Because at a low temperature level, you can tackle any kind of task. That is not all, the dual temperature heat gun blesses you with a mechanical temperature adjustment.

With it you can regulate the temperature passing through the heating element by limiting the amount of air flowing out of the nozzle. That small adjustment in its operation and design means that chances of scorching the object you are working on zero.

Unless you want to.

Other heat gun like the Dewalt heat gun has the over-load protection features that shut the heating element when it overheats. Which works the same but I prefer the manual temperature control

Safety certification

The Master Appliance has gone even further to boost your confidence when buying this heat gun.

What am I talking about?

This dual heat gun has passed rigorous test such as the UL and CUL. You can now buy this heat gun with confidence knowing, that your security and safety guaranteed. Handle any project without fear of the devices blowing or overheating.

High-speed universal motor

This is the area that deserves a mention, because most heat guns that I see today, fail in this part. The high-speed motor throws out a great deal of air at the heating element.

The results.

More heat that will do any job super-fast. You spent less time on repairs or any other thing that needs heating application. Surprisingly enough, other heat gun will come with high temperature level, but low or average fan speed.

This is a big disappointment. Because it means that the amount of hot air that comes out the nozzle is less. And this can affect the time and energy you spend on a project.

The fan only mode has 3 switch positions on the heat gun. You will have the option to switch to the off, the cold and the hot mode. Which adds your convenience when you are handling this tool.

Removable kickstand

We have to agree on something: This is a unique feature about the Master appliance heat gun. If there is any, then they are few heat guns that bare this feature. You can remove the kickstand from the heat gun. The benefit of having a kickstand is that it prevents the gun from rolling or tipping over.

With a kickstand, you enjoy working as you rest from time to time. At the same time you place the gun the right position.

Cord length

You will be happy to know that it has a long cord. The long cord will save you the need of having an extension cord. This is true, if you are going to use the heat gun to repair home projects.

But if you are a contractor, you need an extension cord, if you are working on large extensive project.

The black knob

Looking at the heat gun, you will see something on its sides. It has black knob. This knob has a special function that aids its operation.

For example, when you rotate the knob, the slots of the chrome open and closes to allow more or less hot air flow out of its nozzle.


The question is.... How long does it last? You spent more than three years with a warranty that the company provides once your buy.

Which should tell you something?

You are not throwing any penny when you get yourself this heat gun.

Energy consumption

In this department, the Master appliance heat gun has no match. It draws in 1740 watts of electricity, making it a perfect heat gun for anyone that loves doing large project.

Other heat gun like Porter and black, the mini heat gun and Dewalt, have watts that range from 1400 to 1600 watts. Judging by watts alone, you will know that you can spend fewer amounts of time and energy doing project.

Best used for

Contractors and handymen who do large projects will benefit more from this tool. It sends out a mass stream of hot air that is capable of stripping paints, bending PVC or copper pipes and removing wallpaper.

With its low temperature level you can use it at home to do most of your work such as:

  • Removing labels and bumper stickers.
  • Softening adhesives like removing candle wax or glues
  • Defrost frozen pipes during the cold winter month.

Note: Because of the high watts that come with this heat gun, I would advise you to use it for professional use it. Because, it uses lots of electricity.

What I like

They are a couple of things that deserves a mention with this heat gun. In fact, they are the things that make millions of customers around the world buys this tool. When it comes to doing its functions, I will give it a 5-star rating. Thanks to the lots of amount of watts that draws to get any job done much faster.

The manual temperature regulation makes it easy for you to increase the heating capabilities of the heat gun.

The integrated fan mode feature such as cool button makes the heat gun cool down fast. With other heat guns that don’t have this feature, you will have to spend 20 to 30 minutes waiting for it to cool.

What I don't like

I have to say that the weight of the heat gun is great. But not for me. When am working on the vertical surface, I still feel like am carrying a huge load on my hand.

I wish the company could have cut back on the weight to something like 1.9lb.

It would be much comfortable for me. If this is the first time you are buying the heat gun, you won't feel a pinch after you get used to it.

But if you are like me, who try different heat gun and work a lot, you will feel the pinch on the weight.

Final notes

Don't make the mistake the first time buyers make when they are buying a dual temperature heat gun. I want you to choose the best heat gun that meets your expectation. For that reason, don't read this heat gun review alone and make a decision.

I have spent thousands of man hours compiling the best a list of the best heat gun reviews on the market.

Read and choose your taste.

David Hanley

I am a contractor. I love my job to the moon and back. I like to try new tools that can ease my work and satisfy my clients. I am not a blogger, am a DIY person who wants to help my fellow friends.