How To Buy Heat Gun- Things To Be Considered

Let's be clear on one thing. There are so many reviews out there that talk about best heat gun. But they leave you with no information on how to buy heat gun. If you are a first time buyer, the information on the internet can be overwhelming and confusing.

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But today I want to make the buying process easier so that you can make an informed decision on what type of heat gun you should buy. I think this information alone will help you pick the best heat gun that will be easy to fulfill all your needs both at home and work. Let's begin.

You need to know the 4 classes of heat guns

On the market, you will see different retailers show you different types of heat gun. What you need to know as a buyer is how all this heat gun works. Then you can show the one that you like with much more confidence. They are four classes of heat guns:

​Electric hot air heat gun

From the name alone, this class of heat gun uses electricity as their source of fuel. Its temperature level runs from 600 degrees to 1200 degrees. Electric heat gun are of two categories. We have those that are small, which are perfect to be used in small project like shrink wrapping items at home.

And we have the large electric hot air heat guns which are suitable for professionals and industries. They are capable of doing large scale projects like removing paint or industrial shrink wrapping of magnitude products.

Gas-powered heat gun​

They heavily rely on butane or propane to work. They are cheap and efficient. They produce much heat compared to electric hot air heat guns. That is why most industries prefer to use gas-powered heat gun than electric hot air heat guns.

The problem with Gas-powered heat gun is that it must never have a naked wired that can cause fire.

Gas powered heat gun​

You can still use gas-powered heat gun on small projects, but you need to be careful.

Infrared heat gun​

Infrared heat gun​

This is a perfect heat gun for those that want to avoid inhaling toxic fumes. It uses infrared heat instead of hot air. Their temperature level is small. It levels from 400 degrees to 600 degrees. Infrared heat guns are cheap compared to other classes of heat guns.

Industrial Heat Guns​

They are two. They can be either gas powered-heat guns or electric heat guns. Their sole purpose is to do large scale work in manufacturing, production and processing plants. Now if you want to choose a heat gun for household work. Then a small electric hot air heat gun or infrared heat gun will be perfect choice for you.

Industrial heat guns​

If you are professional, then you will need a large electric heat gun or gas-powered heat gun.

​Nozzle options

Heat guns come with different nozzle capabilities that are meant to do certain tasks. You will find that you cannot use a fishtail nozzle in place of the glass protector nozzle. Here are the different nozzle options that you need to be aware about.

  • Glass protector nozzle: If you are dealing with window frames and you need to take out some paint. While at the same time, you want to protect the window from possible damage. Then, you will need a glass protector nozzle. It will shield the window from getting any possible cracks.
  • Main nozzle: A heat gun with a main nozzle has a single nozzle. What you have to understand is that most work can be done with a main nozzle. Only specialized work will need different nozzle.
  • Fishtail nozzle: If you are working on a large project that will require you to spread heat in a large area. Then a fishtail nozzle will be a nice addition to your project.
  • Cone nozzle: It is perfect for if you want the heat to be centralized or concentrated on one area alone.
  • Spoon reflector nozzle: This is a specialized nozzle for contractors that deal with soldering pipes. This nozzle option will help you define the kind of work that you will be doing with a heat gun.

Temperature settings and level

First, you need to know the kind of work that you will be doing, before you make a step in deciding on the kind of heat gun to buy. If you work on bigger projects, you need a heat gun that has high temperature levels so that you can complete the task at hand very first.

But if you work on small household items, then most of the time you will be operating the heat gun on low temperature levels.

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Safety tips for heat guns

You have to understand that a tool like this which involves fire is dangerous. For that reason, you will need safety tips to curb the possibility of fire ever happening.

Get yourself a fire extinguisher

It has to be in your workspace all the time, because fire is bad masters and can happen when you least expect it.

Get yourself the right gear

Your health and those that are around you is paramount. If you are a professional, you need the right clothing and desist from loose clothes. Men need to button and cuff up their sleeve shirt. A respiratory mask is a requirement if you will be working with paint. Goggles are a must to protect your eyes. Heat-resistant gloves need to be your friend.

Work in a proper ventilated room

Doors and windows need to be opened. So that you don't inhale toxic fumes. Flammable materials are to stay away from the workspace, because they can catch fire.

Read the instructional manual

The manual alone will tell you what you need to do. For instance, the manual shows you different temperature levels for performing different tasks. If you are unsure about what temperature level to use in a certain project all you need to do is start will low level and work your way up. That is all the information you need on how to buy heat gun plus the safety tips. For now this one will keep you and your family safe.

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